Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Reflections

Goodbye 2008. Does anyone remember what happened?

I do.

When January 1st 2008 happened last year I knew exactly what my New Year's Resolution would be. That was to live and work in Korea. I knew I had to do it, no matter the fact that I had a chronic illness or very little money.

And so as this is New Year's Eve I feel somewhat nostalgic and proud that I made my 2008 resolution come true.

But now what??

What New Year's resolution should I make now that I have completed last years? I feel somewhat intimidated from the fact that I reached a goal of mine.

I guess I need to think about what I want to see happen in my life in 2009.

So here are some lofty goals:
  • See more of Asia.
  • Create more Art (an everyday goal that slips past me)
  • See more Art
  • Make more friends
  • Become a better teacher.
  • Try to get a TESOL certificate
  • Complete a 2000 piece puzzle. (I secretly love jigsaw puzzles)
  • Learn Korean!
Anyways when you think about New Year's is a good time in life to be gracious for all you have. It means you lived one more year of life.

For Koreans the New Year also means that on January 1st everyone becomes a year older.

Tomorrow folks I will be 29 years old, via Korean age!!! I can't even comprehend where 27 and 28 went?? In my heart and mind I am still 27 years old. But BK likes to tease me that soon I will 30. I don't care about my age really and that I will someday be 30 or 40. In fact I have always enjoyed getting older.

Life these days has been calm and without large amounts of stress. I believe I have leaving the Hagwon to thank for that.

Tonight for New Year's Eve I have nothing planned. I could go venture out into Seoul, but it is too cold in my opinion. I am doing laundry right now and will figure out something "fun" to do.

I have tomorrow off and will meet up with BK, who is back from training finally.

Anyways to all those out there I wish everyone a fruitful and peaceful 2009!


  1. actually, you can relax - you won't be 29 until the lunar new year, and only then if you eat ddeokguk.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR & BEST WISHES for 2009 to ALL!
    What's on the monitor behind you?
    You look v. cute in the pic Joy!

  3. and it could always be worse . . . at least you're only turning 29. I'll be thirty by Korean count, and thus am officially becoming a) an ajuma, and b) un-marriageable. Hurrah!

  4. Wow they really put great emphasis on the age 30. No wonder BK was spinning his head thinking about my Korean age. Silly man..

    Anyways I will always stick to my American age by heart!

  5. How have you been able to connect with health care? Has it been difficult with the language barrier? I know you bave BK but how would it be for someone who doesn't have a person to translate?

  6. Hi Tonia~

    Most major hospitals have an English speaker on board. When you first go into the hospital you find your way to the help desk. If you can use your cell phone's dictionary to show your illness. They will tell you in broken English which floor to go to.

    From there you will directed again to an English doctor.

    It is just being patient and asking around in broken English for help. I think going to bigger establishments are most useful.



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