Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Nude Collection" an IAC Group Exhibition

Gallery Golmok's current exhibition (through March 14th) is the sensational show "The Nude Collection" put together by the IAC group. Opening night saw an enthusiastic crowd of artists and voyeurs enjoying the array of media and music presented.

In the history of shows I have attended at Gallery Golmok, I felt this one was very successful. Mostly because the theme of nudity and the human figure is visual enough to tie the array of works together. From painting, photography, sculpture and video art there was enough to be seen and enjoyed.

Also exciting were talks with the artists and also seeing some of the models walking around.

The above work is by Martyn Thompson, who did those light-photograph works in the last exhibit. This work helped brighten up the room with it's warm colors and also was a thoughtful piece to stop and consider.

His more sculptural light-box works are coming along and evolving from before. One can't help but peer all around this work and figure out how it was made, while enjoying the general structure.

This above work by, James C Greer Jr, livened up the gallery with it's movement and texture. For me it felt like an old video still from a VCR. You know how the shot would move in and out before you pressed play. This work has that kind of static yet excitable energy to it. Very nice!

Folks were entertained by a jazz band featuring guitarist CJ Kim. It gave the alley way a nice relaxed vibe and I was pleased to get a live concert, instead of usually indoors.

Artists were in the crowd, like myself, and it was fun to exchange websites. One of which is an artist Ligel who's site you can check out here.

The show will by up for the next few weeks, so why night head on over for some great art and also some drinks or grub at the Alley Cafe.

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