Thursday, December 4, 2008

Korean Lesson: Thursday

The rain comes down and the clouds shadow the sky, but warmth is found next to a heater fan.

Today's lesson is:

나는 오늘 피곤해요.

I`m tired today.

피곤= tired




I miss you.

BK chose these, I feel, due to that these are sentences we usually say to each other normally. So now we can practice saying them in Korean. I already know how to say "I love you" so I can add on the "I miss you."

I should be at the lunchroom eating with the teachers but I am scheduled for my health check. This is a requirement for my school transfer. The hospital told my coteacher I shouldn't eat lunch due to a certain blood test. But I know that it doesn't really matter. Anyways, what does mean is that we will go after she finishes lunch to the hospital. And after that I will go eat lunch. Also she is going to accompany me to the bank, as I need to transfer money back home. I wish I could wait and wait till the exchange rate settles down but my American bills have deadlines.

Anyways hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.


  1. you don't have to use 나는/저는 at all for this sentence to make sense - Korea doesn't require a subject for a sentence like this to be complete and grammatical. Honestly, Koreans hardly ever use them unless absolutely necessary to make a distinction. A good example is your second sentence, which literally only says "wish to see" without indicating who wants to see what.
    Actually, one of the most challenging aspects of learning Korean for me was/is trying to deal with all the information (particles, pronouns, subjects) that are often left out of spoken Korean.
    One more thing (Lord, isn't there always?) is that 피곤 means fatigue or exhaustion, but virutally never appears in that form. In your case you're actually using the verb 피곤하다 to express your current state.

  2. Thanks .... I will have to inquire with BK if I should study change the sentence. It seems he should know this...but maybe he is doing it that way on purpose..and later will make it different??

  3. I think it's more likely that he's just not thinking about it in a way that makes it easy to learn. For someone who learned a language intuitively, a structured approach might not just come to them when they become teachers.

  4. It's horrible, I can not`s so hard to log on..anyways..

    Gomushin girl!!! Please read my comment! Did you read my comment before? Should I send e-mail to you? I told you Joy is beginner so I make her to follow my way,I'm sure the way to learn other language is similiar so I`m teaching her my way to learn English, have you ever seen English book in Korea? Do you know how we learn English by what kind of sentences?
    Should I teach her a variety Korean polite speaking way?
    As like 안녕하십니까? 안녕하세요? 안녕들하셨죠? 안녕하신가요? 안녕? 평안하신가요? 잘지내셨죠?안녕하실껀가요? 안녕하시길빌께요,

    Can you find the differences between those sentences?
    If so please tell me in K.o.R.E.A.N
    I think you know too much about Korean! Gomushin girl!!haha

    As I mentioned before the purpose of my teaching now is making her familiar with Korean. By that way she can accustom to using Korean word or sentences so she can make her own sentences. If I don`t mention 나는 or 저는, right now she can not understand how to make sentences, that`s true Korean don`t use subject many as English but her language is English so in the beginning I should teach her by her language.

    Okay if Gomushin girl doesn`t mention anything probably she didn`t read my comment so Joy please post my comment haha. But I don`t want to say in offensive way if look so because of my poor English, please forgive me. I know you are great Korean speaker I`ve ever seen before and you know many thing. Of course I`m always feel debt to pay you last time you helped Joy and treat us Lamb Galbi, I would like to treat you after I get job(I hope so, I`m struggling!!)

  5. I told you Joy is beginner so I make her to follow my way,I'm sure the way to learn other language is similiar so I`m teaching her my way to learn English,

    NOOOOOOO. Not true at all. How much background knowledge about language pedagogy do you have?

    have you ever seen English book in Korea? Do you know how we learn English by what kind of sentences?

    Yes. Most Koreans still learn by the rather outdated audio-lingual or direct translations method. I would also like to point out that most Koreans--despite years of studying English--do not speak English well.

    BK, have you looked at the Sogang books? They manage to teach Korean in a systematic, yet very useful way.

    I am speaking as a real, certified, Masters degree holding teacher--there are many ways to teach a language.

    And since this blog is mostly read by teachers (certified or not), you've got to expect that teachers are going to comment about teaching!

  6. Hey Hey..... HEY....Momz (Mz Iriz) holds a BA in Art & Education, a MS (Master's Degree) in Education/Education Technology! now working on her Doctorate (EdD in Instructional Technology Distance Education with minors in Adult Ed & Brain Based Learning)!
    She has been a certified teacher for over 30 yrs (she's old) ;-( and a student herself forever!

    SO........... let's all calm down here & reflect!!
    The most important factor going is that Joy is NOW actually willing to learn & apply herself to the process.
    Rather than confuse her.....I'd suggest using the most pedagogically sound method available & share same w/BK, so they are on the same page!
    YES...find a clas Joy....
    It's starting to sound like, when a family member teaches another family member to drive! AGH!!!!!!

    The way you learned English as a child not the best way for an adult learner to learn a foreign language! Adult learners have different needs and modes re: learning which need to be taken into consideration. I'll be happy to send you resource materials on that subject if you're interested. It's a big part of my thesis & dissertation!

    BK your participation w/Joy's Korean education is extremely Valuable THANK YOU....THANK YOU BK!!!!

    I believe they (Joy & BK) should ONLY speak Korean to each other!
    (OR on M, W, F, Sun, or something like that!!) THEN, English only on the other days!
    Sink or swim!
    AND....from now on WE ALL correct BK's English (at least written) on the blog when we have time!
    So he sees how to improve as well.

    NOW...let's all have a nice warm HUG!

  7. Ok everyone...BK is just a little sensitive to the comments. Don't worry I understand what to make of it all. In the future, everyone, continue to post your thoughts on my korean lessons...


  8. I will stop to teach! Good teachers please teach her in your way..ㅡㅡ;

  9. BK Don't stop to teach me!! WAhhhh! Everyone doesn't mind your teaching BABO!

    I like you that you are teaching me


  10. BK and Joy: I have to say I read this blog from time to time and I usually don't feel the need to comment but I have to say that I was intrigued by what had happened from your first entry.

    Bk: Don't stop teaching Joy and don't feel bad that you don't know "language pedagogy" like a "real teacher" because you are not. You are simply trying to help your girlfriend learn the best way you know how. Don't feel bad and don't listen to people criticizing you. My fondest memories with my boyfriend are him teaching me Korean and me teaching him English. In addition, as a "real teacher" myself who would never in a million years criticize another person's teaching method knows that the most important aspect of education is feeling a connection and passion for what you are learning, exactly what Joy feels.

    Joy: I don't think you should feel you need to stop posting the lessons. This is your site and you should feel free to post what you want without fear of being told off. I think you videos were the perfect way to synthesize what you have learned and as a "real teacher" I would tell you that that is higher order thinking and means you were given the right tools by BK to take the language learning further.

  11. Tracey,
    Thank you very much for your kind response. I am glad to hear from you since you have been reading my blog a long time. Certainly blogging has become more than just speaking my stories. It is also about understanding my audience. I hope to cater to the new crowd, curious and seasoned foreigner.

    Anyways, thanks!


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