Thursday, December 18, 2008

GEPIK Workshop

Today I went to Bundang for a GEPIK Workshop for Foreign Language Assistant Teachers. It was held at Dankook University.

To get there I took a bus, which was a lot faster than transferring 3 or 4 times via the subway.

Anyways, the first part consisted of a behavioral management lecture. The guy was Chinese - Canadian. His lecture wasn't too boring and actually very informational about how we can become better teachers instead of just babysitters. The emphasis was making the classroom a constructive and positive environment. I got a few ideas out of it and hope to improve my teaching style.

But I do have to say that it is kind of hopeful of him to think that we will all go back to our schools and adjust to to his suggested style of teaching. For starters, at our schools the only people to collaborate with our the Korean coteachers. So unless we have good relationships and the language barrier is not so bad, then changes are possible. But when I go back to my school it will be a bit of a task to collaborate with my coteacher on the teaching methods they talked to me about. However, I will try and also see if she is willing to learn some new things.

Anyways, I didn't stay for the second half because I woke up today with a cough. And then I proceeded to get a headache later on, which I still have. So I jumped on a bus and came home for rest. Fridays are the longest and most tiring days at my school, so I want to try and reserve my energy. Plus, they gave us a booklet with all the lecture material inside it, which I can just read.

All in all, it was structured okay and I think was a good way for us teachers to feel comfortable teaching here. I got to meet some other foreigners along the way.

Well, back to resting.


  1. That's great that they're providing Professional Development classes, that's something v.important for teachers.
    Too bad you couldn't stick it out for the remainder of the day.
    Hope you don't get "in trouble" for leaving!

    Hope you feel better & are able to get your package soon!

  2. That's pretty nice that they have those kinds of informational meetings. Uh oh, beware the cough. I started getting a sore throat in class yesterday and now I think I have the full blown flu...-sigh-...

  3. I am contemplating to leave early and go to the doctor. But I am feeling slightly better...hmmm...

    Take care of your flu now or it will drag on ... like it did for me last month~ sigh

  4. I had similar problems with a workshop held down here in Jeollanamdo. It was well-meaning, but the presenters were all in schools in the city, and about 85% of the audience, like me, teach at tiny rural schools. So, not much of what was said was really applicable. A for effort though.

    - Driftingfocus

  5. Don't worry mom, I'm hanging on to Joy's package for her until we can get together! Hopefully in the next week or so! Have a nice holiday season.

  6. THANK YOU "Dream the Impossible"!
    I hope the contents bring her joy...& she shares some of the goodies w/u!
    I'm v. grateful to you & all others that I read here for the friendship you've extended to my dear world adventurer.

    Blessings of the Season to you & yours!


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