Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Korean: Wednesday


Today is going okay, I tought the 6th grade and sometimes they can be a pain. But today's workthrough went without any headaches.

Anyways, here are today's sentences:

지금은 몇 시 입니까?

What time is it now?

지금은 =now


시= time

지하철역은 어디 입니까?

Where is the subway station?


역= Station

어디= Where

I think we studied the second one when I was back in America, so it sounds familiar. Also I have seen the word subway station before, due to of course taking the subway.

*By the way I have been writing these sentences down in a little notepad, as a way to do quick studying.


  1. Thanks for breaking up the words...

  2. I would definitely ask BK the less formal way of speaking. I very rarely use this form of Korean...


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