Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vacation Planning

Hi there people!

I get a vacation from Jan 13 to Jan 26th (start back on 27th). So far I have no plans formulated yet. I have a lot of ideas:
  • Visit another country (cost money and need to book tickets)
  • Go on bus tours around Korea
  • Find an art class for a couple of days.
  • Be a tourist.
If you coincidentally have time off during this period and haven't made plans yet, then maybe we can plan something together.

Or if you know of places to go and things to do..while it is freezing winter.. then clue me in!

Anyways, ~ happy holidays~!


  1. Joy, are you sure you start back on the 27th? Jan 26 and 27 are red days on my calendar for the lunar new year. i would think that you have them off and start back on the 28th? overseas travelling can be pricey but you should try to do it while you are actually in asia, a LOT more affordable than from the US! besides the weather is so cold now, wouldn't someplace tropical be fun? =)


  2. I'm with Cynthia here, Jan 27th is the lunar New Year and the day before and after are national holidays. You sure it isn't February 27th? That's about when my school is going back...

    If you can't afford to leave the country, look into a DMZ tour. I'm planning to visit my friend in China, but may also try the DMZ tour myself. Maybe we could coordinate.

  3. I'm with the others. Travel! Whether its in Korea or outside of Korea, having the opportunity to see and do so many things is amazing. If you decide to stay in Korea, you are more than welcome to head on down to Mokpo! My friends and I are staying around for Jan (our schools close Jan and Feb) and we will be doing little day trips in the area. We are planning a temple stay in Boseong, the area where the big tea gardens are.

    Anyway, invitation is open!

  4. I will defintely try to go places. Hopefully BK will be able to do something with me, at least on a weekend.

    i think with the feeling of such a big vacation coming the planning could be daunting> ah well


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