Thursday, December 4, 2008


During my time in college I took Chinese. I worked my ass off and got an "A" in that class, but it took practicing everyday for 1-2 hrs and taking a daily class at school. It was exhausting, due to that you had to learn the tones, characters and romanization. But I was able to get it down.

With learning Korean I wish I could take a class, but I am not willing to travel into Seoul during the week to do so. There might be a school around here, and so I will look for one. But there is the time in between and I need to keep going with it.

As we all know BK is giving me weekly sentences to start getting my brain on the speaking / thinking Korean path.

But memorization is not enough I need to get down my pronunciation. Therefore I am left with internet resources:

And websites:
Click and hear Korean

The major advantage will be that I am here and hopefully will start to understand more and more what I hear and read.

Anyways I hope my attempts at learning Korean and sharing them will help other beginners out there.


  1. Thanks for the website, I need a refresher course. when you don't use it, you lose keep practicing... :o)

  2. Here's a pretty good source for common phrases. I like the mavigation plus the pause and repeat buttons!

  3. Thanks for the video! I may have to share with others!

  4. GAH! So sorry hun. I totally missed your call. I was out in Itaewon and by the time I could call you back it was 11pm and I thought it may be too late for you. Busy Sunday? I wanted to do dinner with some people like me, you, Heather maybe my friend Dawn and anyone else that wanted to join?


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