Saturday, September 20, 2008

KIAF (the re-awakening)

And so as my job took a nose dive the clouds grew gray over Seoul and the rain came down. But instead of staying inside and anxiously asking myself what was next... I made sure I went out.
The last time I was in Insadong I grabbed this Art guide book and it highlighted the Korean International Art Fair which was coming up.

And so I went and it was like a dream come true. Most if not all of the modern artists from China, Japan and Korea were thrown together in this maze of galleries.

So here for you in Roboseyo music style is the artwork I saw at the show:
**Hit play and scroll through the artwork**
*Some artists names are mentioned, but not all.

Like a kid in a candy stored I couldn't take it all in. But feel somewhat refreshed and rejuvenated now that I have seen in person artwork that was made by the people of this country and region during the past 10 years.

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  1. I hope the art show (which looks FANTASTIC) woke up your "inner artist" and hopefully steers you back to your "real" sensibilities.
    I still wonder why you think of yourself as an ESL teacher?!!

    What are the possibilites of a graduate Art History program for you in Seoul?


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