Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok let us move away from the "emo" stuff and back to other aspects of life in South Korea. One of which are my students. Besides my coteacher these are the people I see nearly every day.

I teach about 4 to 5 classes a day (except Friday which is 8 classes) and there are about 40 students in each class.

The cute 3rd graders want to give you a big smile and play along. While the 6th graders stare at you like you were evil scum and count down the minutes.

But there are some shining stars amongst all these.

I teach an advanced class 3 times a week, and sometimes on Fridays I let them play games. It is a good way for me to rest before going home and also try to be playful with them. I consider this class like a mini-hagwon because I design the classwork and activities. I know I need to make the course more fun, but I am struggling on how. Sigh... anyways here are some pictures.

Ok, these aren't kids from my advanced class. They are a pack of girls from one of the 6th grade class. The girl you see in front likes to frequent my office after lunch for some free English language exchange. She is soooo funny! She told me how she doesn't like a certain boy in class so now I tease her about it..hehe.

Here are the advanced class pics:
Some of the students took it upon themselves to keep log of those students who speak Korean. If they do they get a mark next to their name. This student is really sweet and her English skills are also very very good.

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  1. Oh....the kids are really cute!
    Post more pics of them please.......
    There seems to be quite a few with glasses. More than I'd expect to see in an American classroom. Is this a Korean phenomenon?

    There are a zillion education websites w/interactives, games, puzzles, etc... that you can make & use to make learning fun. I'll fwd some to you....but just get goin' online searching too Joy...... Kids love telling stories & acting... what about using art materials, music, drama (little skits/plays), etc...


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