Monday, December 1, 2008

Daily Korean

So I finally broke down and begged BK to do his duty and teach me Korean. He decided that he will give me two sentences everyday during the week, and on the weekend he will test me.

Already he has given me today's Korean:

날씨가 춥습니다.

Weather is cold.

저는 비빔밥을 좋아합니다.

I like Bibimbab.

So far I have the first sentence down more than the second. It is time to start using the memory muscle in my brain, which I think has become weak with too much leisure.

Anyways, I am a bit anxious that by Friday there will be 10 sentences. I can do it! hehe


  1. Hey, your sentences are awesome! I would ask your guy to give you the more relaxed but still polite versions ending in -yo, as well. I find that in all the books they teach you the -니다 version, but I find the 요 to be easier and more natural in real conversation! I always have Kenny give me both versions just in case, but I find the -yo sticks in my head more as I hear more of that going around.

    Anyway, YOU ARE AWESOME for learning these sentences. Mind if I cheat off of you?

  2. A lot of the blogs I follow have been writing about learning Korean. I'm pretty sure I need to get my toosh in gear and get on it because I've barely learned the alphabet. Lol, I'm so lazy with the brain sometimes.

  3. Hey Joy....GOOD FOR YOU!
    Can you write the basic alphabet?(is there such a thing in this language?)
    Can you pronounce the symbol (letters/characters, what are they called in this language?) sounds? words?
    It would be fun if you posted a foto of your Korean writing!
    And show us what the words or phrases look like.
    I like =

  4. Ooh. You should post all your sentences so we can leech off of your education. Er, I mean so we can quiz you randomly. LOL.

    BTW. Thanks for posting the directions to the lamb galbi place. I have GOT to get down there soon.

    Luna -
    Funk Seoul Sister

  5. I agree, you should have him teach you the 어/아요 form first, it's much more useful in daily life. And if you're interested, I know it's a hike but there's some serious rumblings about starting a study group for Korean - probably once or twice a week meeting in central Seoul.

  6. Thanks everyone!!

    For sure take my lessons...and I will mention that tip to BK.

    Kristen if you want we could study together ?:)

    Anyways I will try to post more things about learning it. hehe

    I don't know if I want to travel up to Seoul during the weak...I know lame...but..maybe..hmm

  7. Mom ~ yes I can write the words and am familiar with the alphabet. There are consonants and vowels. The sounds are not hard to learn but things get varied a lot...hard to discern. ;)

  8. I'm way down in Mokpo but perhaps we could set something up so that we are answerable to one another. I'll send you an email when I get a chance.

  9. Hi Kristen I confused you with the Kristen that lives near me... wow! haha

    Anyways thanks for sharing an interest and I think what works best is practice...hehe.


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