Saturday, December 20, 2008

Past Me

*Warning, staying indoors with a cough and going through old photos will produce a contemplative mind.

Anyways, as I said I was digging through the past and while I was doing it I thought I would expunge some of this voyage onto my blog.

Seven years ago I was still into skater shoes and long unmanageably - long hair. Actually seeing that hat makes me miss it a lot. This picture was taken in Sacramento when my Mom use to live there.

Jump to Spring 2007 and you have caught me when I was finishing my last semester at college and an image of me while I was sick. This is me just as I was finally diagnosed and on the right medication. I was very skinny.

But then the drugs I had taken made me turn puffy. Here I am shown 3 months later at my graduation ceremony.

And so warp further into time and over a year later you can see me a happy girl enjoying herself in Korea.
This blog post could be probably deemed too personal to post. But whether people want to admit it or not, living abroad lends itself to contemplative moments. Bo Kwan is running around in Busan with his training fleet, and so I am on my own.

I am sure if we all look through our pasts we can see that we have all gone through a lot and come so far.

Allright, well looks like the weather is getting colder and colder...sigh.


  1. Hey sure look cute in that Sac pic w/the ducks.
    Do you remember saying that you wanted to catch one & squeeze it?

  2. Yes and I still have that desire when I see them.

  3. mmm...very contemplative. i know how you feel. being stuck in bed makes me not necessarily nostalgic about the past but i wonder a lot about the future...get better soon!


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