Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Besides finding yourself in tourist situations or sitting down to a new interesting meal, life in Korea is usually just ordinary. Like living back in America, I find myself going from one place to the next with a list of things to do on my mind.

But the difference with life here is that if you are paying attention you can still find yourself seeing sites that although ordinary are extraordinary.

One such example are the costumed promoters that are spotted throughout busy thoroughfares. What they are is a person dressed in a cute costume and they walk around near their store handing out flyers, balloons or sometimes free samples. Last week I was eating dinner at a place that was situated above the main street here, and from my view I could see one of these promoters. It was fun to watch him wave to the children and get teased by the high schoolers.

Here for you is a little video I made of the guy:

The shops, so far, that seem to have these guys are beauty product stores and cell phone stores. Near the costumed guy are other workers handing out fliers.

Some shop promoters, who are not costumed, stand in front of their shop with a microphone trying to coax people to come inside. Others are more aggressive and will corner you as you walk by. As you try to get pass them they get real close to you and with their body language and movement manage to get you inside the store!

Anyways, that is a little tidbit on a phenomenon here that I find interesting due to that you end up interacting with Korean people. Usually I just try to walk away, but it doesn't always work. When they recognize I am a foreigner they use some English to comfort me into going in.

But I want to move on and show some pictures of the area.

Last Sunday it snowed and I took some shots from outside my window.
Here is an image of the winter tree scenery on my walk home.
Christmas is celebrated here and you can tell because paraphernalia has been popping up in town. Including a large lit up Christmas tree (not a real tree).

Again life moves at an ordinary pace, but I always still feel like I am somewhere else. Time to time I see strange things but also intriguing occurrences as well.


  1. ah! so lucky. because of my nocturnal schedule i totally missed seeing all that snow...sigh...I love the costumed people! Sadly there are very few of them in Pyeongchon. I guess it has to do with the fact that most of the promoting done here is for hotels/motels...I don't think they use those kinds of costumed people...

  2. haha yea~ The crowd here tends to be mostly a young crowd.

  3. The costume looks like a Telly Tubby!

    Looks like you were cold Joy....Momz says, "Wear your hat"!

  4. My coat has a hood. It wasn't too cold that night. Thanks Mum~ :)


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