Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daily Korean: Tuesday

Today's lesson is:

나는 학교 선생님 입니다.

I`m school teacher.



조용히 하세요

Be quiet!

조용히= quiet

하세요= be

These ones are not so hard for me because I am familiar with some of the words. Just now during the lunch break I had the cleaning children help me pronounce it. hehe (These are the kids that come in and clean the class.)


  1. Why is BK teaching you such formal language?

    If you're interested in a systematic study of Korean, I strongly recommend the Sogang series. They start with the YO form (as a good book should, in my opinion) and with really useful phrases like, "What's this" "It's a 모모." "Where is 모모?" "What time is it?"

    I'm a totally biased Sogang fan, though.

  2. I think if you're going to stick with the ~ㅂ니다 form, you need to use 저 instead of 나 (which is casual form). And you don't need to use formal form with your students^^ Instead of politely asking them to "조용히 하세요" I just always yelled "시끄러!" (noisy!) It sounds more immediate.
    Also note that 조용하다 is "to be quiet". 조용히 is the adverbial form which combined with 하세요 means "please do it quietly"
    And also, 선생님 is how somebody else refers to a teacher, especially because the 님 ending is an honorific. If somebody asks, you could reply "저는 xx조등학교 원어민교수 입니다."

  3. I definitely enjoy living outside of the city because of the nature around. Being from the countryside in a way I can't imagine not having grass or trees around. But still close enough to get into the city relatively quickly.

    Definitely just give me a call Wednesday. Actually because the middle schoolers are preparing for exams I'll probably be done with work at 7:30pm for the next 2weeks so call me anytime.

  4. Thanks for all those hangul tips~ But it is making my head spin. I will ask BK about it and maybe he will make some adjustments.

    We are just starting to do this..so I think it will evolve.

    Amanda ~ thanks for the book tip...I was wondering which book would be great for my level and interest. ;)

  5. ack, that should be 교사 not 교수

  6. So many comments haha, I was surprised. Many of you guys said Joy should learn specific forms of Korean way to say in polite, yes that's good point. But I would like to teach her basic things actually I just follow my way to learn English, in the beginning I tried to remember many sentences as possible as I can and then I could learn grammar of course I have learned even now but I'm sure I don't have big problem to talk in English, so by my way I will teach her,it takes time but I believe it will works soon if not,.. I will figure other way, that`s Bokwan`s way!!
    Anyways thank you for giving us advices, specially Gomushin Girl's Korean is perfect so I should listen her advice, haha

  7. Hey BK....nice to see you on Joy's blog.
    Want me to correct your English?!!


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