Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ear Plugs

Silly post here folks.

But to get my gooood night sleep I like to use ear plugs. But my stash I brought from America is getting low.

Does anyone know whereabouts you can find these here? Have you seen them in your neighborhood?

So far I have been to the Emart, a few little marts like Buy the Way, and some pharmacies. I am going to keep looking around my area.

But if you have seen them at any store in Seoul or near me, please let me know! Or if you know of what stores typically sell them that would be great!

***UPDATE*** Found them at the Morning Glory stationary store near my home. Cheap too! Thanks for the tip~


  1. try a stationary store like Alpha. They're often bright orange here, and sold as a study supply.

  2. stationery stores are the way to go for many things we'd buy in a pharmacy... shaving supplies, earplugs, bandaids... it was weird for a few months.

  3. oOooo thanks! I had a feeling they would be in there...man you could find all sorts of crazy stuff in those stores. I will take a looksy.


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