Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video Lesson

Reading is just one part of learning a language. The other parts are speaking and listening. So for your pleasure I made a quick video lesson of the first sentence BK gave me.


I hope my pronunciation was on target, if not I welcome correction.


  1. keke.....cute Joy!!! Great idea to study a couple of sentences everyday. In no time you will be a pro. Keep it up.

    When you say 습니다 the ㅂmakes an 'm' sound. Like 'SuM ne da' instead of 'Sub ne da'.

    But other than that, sounds good!!!

  2. Check you "sum" pronunciation with someone. I don't think the u should be so soft. It's not "sum," it's more like "soom."

    Listen to this clip. They say the "습" sound a lot.

  3. Thanks! I mostly get to memorize the sentences and work on pronunciation later when I meet BK. So help with my pronunciation is good.


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