Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a Miracle!

After nearly 4 months of working on getting a job, BK finally got one! He got the good news today. It is at some kind of paper company here in Korea. And he has yet to hear back from another he may have 2 choices!!

Oh what a relief!!! Yesterday he said that if he didn't get a job he would live in a cave and study for one year for a police job. Phew!

Anyways, welcome to the working world BK!


  1. Congratulations to Bo Kwan! I hope his job is a good one, and I also hope that it does not consume 13 hours of his day or his weekends!


    welcome to the working week (by Elvis Costello)

  3. congrats!!! it's a tough economy - i'm really happy that he landed something relatively quickly!!!

  4. haha, thanks..
    for GOD?
    Thank you Joy.. and everyone..
    It`s beautiful night..

  5. CONGRATS BK!!! I hear from my friend Kyuho how hard it is to get a job. I'm so glad you found one=^^=

    I'm so happy for you.......what a relief!
    I really hope you are much happier than the melancholy Hallelujah video Joy(?) posted.
    What ya really need is the jump up & down & click your heels type of video:
    Here's a classic for you - Everyone ENJOY!

    In yiddish "Mazel Tov"!

  7. 축하합니다!!! Although the thought of 보관 as a policeman strikes me as so utterly hilarious that I rather wish he'd try for it . . . c'mon, 보관 씨, I know you'd make a fabulous 경찰 아저씨!

  8. HaHa~ I think his short temper may have been a problem if he were a police officer. ><

  9. Is this BK 보관 in Korean?

    What's your name in Korean Joy?

    HUGZ to y'all!

  10. Yes that is his name in Korean...mine I think is:

    초 이

  11. Joy you actually are 조이 (joy) rather than 초이(choi)
    Mom is 엄마 (o-ma)...

  12. unfortunately 조이 is also Joey (the boy's name). "Oy" like the Jewish cry of frustration is not a sound that you can exactly make in Korean.

  13. Thanks for those translations. Yes it is interesting when here the students or other people say my name. But usually when they sayit the sound that comes out doesn't mess up myname too much.

    Also from time to time when Imeet new people they ask me if my name is the same as Joey from Friends. I say no of course. And also mention how I can't stand the show.



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