Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation Idea

Browsing the official Korea Sparkle website and ran into their tour section.

Saw this gem:

Ichon Tour: Create your own Ceramics!

The company Ichontour - located in the town of Icheon, 1 hour away from Seoul – proposes a one-day introduction hands-on program to Korean ceramics. The rather comprehensive program includes:
- Presentation on Korean traditional pottery (history, characteristics)
- How to make ceramics with a potter’s wheel
- Making your own pottery under the supervision of a potter
- Lunch – A Visit to an Exposition Hall and Shopping
- A Visit to the Ceramics Museum or the World Ceramics Center
Now, this sounds like something more of my style. Searching the company's website I see that:

Making ceramics by clay with own hands : \30,000/person
- Drawing on the primary ceramics(not baked)
made by the famous ceramic artist: \50,000~100,000/person

- Sending digital camera photographs by e-mail.

'Visitor's work is delivered to his home in his country at his request after
first burning, glazing and 2nd burnig.
(It takes about 30 days & mail fee is additive.)

Ordering of various memorials on wedding,birthday and promotion are

* Shopping only-Except only 3) of above

* Meal : "Salbap Jungsik"(Traditional ichon rice meal) or
"Clean pork barbeque course" (Cost is additional.)
Sounds like it ends up costing not a whole lot. But it seems if you look on the site you can do more there than just make some pots.

Anyways, I now realize that with winter camp-camp coming up I won't have much time to really make official plans with all this, due to that I will be out in the mountains somewhere. But looks like these tours can be planned the day or ahead and then I just hop on a bus.

Now to get the motivation to go out in the cold and explore these places! haha

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