Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joy to the World

Hey it is Christmas... in case you live in a cave with no holidays.

Got the day off today.

Spent it with BK as he had the day off from training. We met up in Yongsan, which has a huge shopping mall complex with movie theatre.

We saw the new movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" which BK fell asleep to. It was all right but certainly nothing to remember.

Some other things we did were get our pictures taken, eat some candy and watch other couples.

Christmas is a couple holiday in Korea, so there were a lot of couples out holding hands.

Anyways, after all that BK took me to a Jimjilbang.

Basically it is a sauna house type place. There is one large room where the floor is heated and you can lie on it and take a break. This particular Jimjilbang was huge!

You get a set of clothing to wear at the place, which you change into in a locker room. The locker room is seperate from the men of course, and the women were naked.

This Jimjilbang had other sauna rooms you could go into, some smoking hot, mild and icy cold. You could pay to get a massage or sit in a massage chair. I did use the massage mechanical chair which hurt like hell.

The place was packed and mostly with families. So although appearing to be a relaxing place it really was a glorified public / relaxing space.

I would like to go to one again but maybe fine one a little more laid back, if even possible.

Well gotta work tomorrow. BK goes back to his last week of training.

The weather is staying at a cold temperature these days and I am praying for an early spring.

Oh, happy holidays!

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