Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lamb Galbi

Today was a relaxing day. I got BK to stay the night with me last night, which was good for relationship patchwork.

After we went to Emart, and settled down to watch TV I immediately lamented that I miss that Lamb Galbi I had when I first moved to Sanbon. BK expressed the same desire and so we made our dinner plans.

The weather here is getting colder and colder. The sun might be out but the temperature isn't warm. I didn't really grow up in a cold environment amongst the palm trees of Florida. But I think a part of this adventure is adapting.

Anyways, the cool air made for a pretty sunset as we waited for the train at the Sanbon station. This station is above ground, which means you don't feel like you are in some cave waiting for your train. But also means during the winter you get to freeze your ass off.Since the train is above ground you get treated to a view.

(BK was teasing me the whole time about taking the video...hehe you get to hear us talk.)

How to Get to the Lamb Galbi:
  • Get on the #4 line. If you are heading from Seoul...make sure you pointed in the Southern direction. Anyways, get off at Indeogwon. Take exit 4 and walk straight. Stop as you approach a bridge that goes over a creek. To the right of this bridge, around the corner of the building is where this place exists. It is on the 4th floor. Here is what the front area looks like:

When you turn around and face the other direction you see an industrial scene such as this:
Enough of the scenery, let's eat!! At least that is what BK was thinking...

Galbi, I feel, is a cuisine of Korea that for most foreigners is one of the very first foods they experience when they get here. I know, because when I came my bosses at the hagwon took me to pork galbi (typical kind). Anyways, this should apply to most foreigners except those who are vegan, vegetarian or otherwise meat-phobic.

But anyone could read this post and so I will explain how Galbi works.

You sit at a table that is low to the floor. Before you entered the dining room area you take off your shoes. This is a sit-on-the-floor eating experience. At this place they have sitting chairs, so thankfully your back won't feel like hell.

On the table is a steel pit, where below the grate is charcoal lit up by propane gas. Take a look:

As the meat cooks it is broken up into smaller pieces and eventually the heat is turned down and the meat is moved to the side of the pit. The meal is served with various side dishes and optional Bop (rice). This particular place gives you a dipping tray, one of peppered-salt and another of honey mustard. (My fav is the pepper - salt).
An Galbi experience wouldn't be complete without the leaves. In this basket are the Galbi leaves. What you do is take a piece of meat, place it on the leaf, put in some fixins and then fold it all up and stuff it into your mouth.
It is a delightful experience as the cool texture of the leaf melts away as the hot moist meat in the middle fills your mouth.

On this particular Sunday, we were the only customers at 5:30pm, that was fine with me...made it nice and peaceful. A shot of the interior...with BK returning from the bathroom.

Oh Lamb Galbi~ you melt in my mouth. I am not really a meat lover and was raised on tofu and bean tacos. But Korean cuisine such as this is allowing me to appreciate meat. I never thought I would find myself enjoying lamb, an animal often portrayed to me as soft, warm and cuddly. Oh well~ they are also delicious! And make my sweaters nice and warm.

Of course I have to give thanks to ZenKimchi guy Joe for taking us here the night of my first move in. I think we would have never found this gem. Thanks!


  1. Ah you guys were just a walk away from my place. Next time I will definitely be there. I actually posted pics of the hike we took today. Didn't get off the mountain until like 6pm=^^=
    I'm off Monday and Wednesday if you want to do anything.

  2. wow. nice write-up. do I see a future as a food blogger for Foreigner Joy?

  3. Kristen, looks like you have some more free time these days ;)

    I may call you up Wednesday for dinner..there are places I like to go but can't go as one person..ya know.

    Rob~ yea I just hope I get more themes going ..hehe


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