Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi ya~

Well my birthday here in Korea has swept on by. But it was a lovely day nonetheless. I like to take my breaks outside, because in front of the building I work at is a little courtyard with trees. So as I sat there relaxing I noticed that on my birthday all seemed calm and peaceful around me. This gave me a really good feeling for the rest of the day as I taught my classes.

After work I met up with BK and we ate at a Chinese themed restaurant atop the Hyundai Department store in Cheonho. It was great to see him in the middle of the week.

We went back to my place and to my surprise he had already been to my home and set up a birthday cake. What a sweet guy~!

I am a bit tired today, but going to muster up the strength to pass through it.

At 2pm today I scheduled a meeting with my supervisors, so hopefully some answers will come my way.

Hmmm, the weather here is warm and cool during the day. I like this fall weather because I think it aids in making things more peaceful outside. But I know that it is just going to get colder and colder till it is snowing. * *

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  1. Snow just freaks me out, lol. I can count on my hand the number of times I have seen snow in person and played in it. Not excited for the coldness, lol. Glad you had a good birthday! And good luck with the meeting=^^=
    Hopefully you get your answers so you can fully prepare for the next step in your adventure. And let me know how the public school goes. I'm curious now that I am here to see the differences.


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