Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Falling into Place

Sometimes when everything appears to be working well, I take a step back and ponder the fragility of the moment.

I have about 2.5 more weeks left at my hagwon and have been preparing for my move. Already you can see boxes in my little house with books and other things in them. It isn't a lot, generally I just didn't want to stuff these things into my suitcase again.

But the most advancements I have made is in the area of getting a new job. A lot of paperwork has come through.

The criminal background check from the FBI came back clear, so now I am having my father to notarize it and get it apostilled.

To apply to SMOE I needed two reference letters, both of which have come in as signed documents.

And miraculously, my hagwon supervisor actually gave a good recommendation to the recruiter I am using, this will give me a somewhat good reputation.

So it seems to me that everything is ticking along at a smooth pace. Yet there is still much more to ponder. Going with SMOE I will make less money than I do now, but have more vacation. Also going with SMOE means I won't really know where I will be working until February. You do get to state your preference of placement, but that doesn't mean you get what you want.

However, staying in Seoul and being on the public school system, I feel, should end up working out. Of course, I know there are many horror stories of SMOE workers just as there are for hagwon workers.

I haven't signed any contract yet so there is still time to change my mind and wait for GEPIK or something else.

All in all, though it is a relief to know all these little things are working well.

Also, I haven't got a partner to travel with me for my tourist visa, but that is okay because it will still be an adventure.


  1. Gyeongi English program in Korea ---

    Public schools in a province surrounding Seoul.
    Same thing ...different area.


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