Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Camp Joy

The weather has been gradually getting cooler and cooler here in Seoul. This could only mean that it is just going to keep dropping till snow flakes start flurrying around. I think I need to get out to Dongdaemun (Doota) and buy some cheap sweaters and a coat.

But the one thing with this cool weather is that it has my brain on winter holiday mode. The cool air reminds me of a roasted Turkey coming out of the oven. They have roasted duck here, which is delicious, so maybe I will eat some of that to quiet this mood.

For update sake not much has advanced in the world of getting a new job. Other developments have taken place, and there are now a few new possibilities.

Let's have a look:
  1. BK found me an office tel which would cost me 400,000 Won a month. Also it is close to his home, which is of course a bonus.
  2. Option 1: Stay an extra month in BK's office tel to be a tourist here. Then go back home and see California family and friends. Return in February for public school start.
  3. Option 2: Stay the whole time in Seoul, living in BK's office tel. Supplement my income (won't say how...for legal purposes). Take up the new public school job in February...move to wherever that is.
These are my options for now, and what I have thought out. Both could work of course. Option 2 would mean that I could continue my place here in Korea but very frugally. Option 1 gives me the opportunity to see my California family (Mom family lives in Florida), and of course it would help bite off homesickness.

Yet, to go home means to use my credit card for a plane ticket. Staying means using my credit card for Japan visa run, and other emergencies.

I think the money won't be a huge problem because I still have my current salary to live on. Things of course would be very tight.

I am leaning towards Option 2 right now, but of course it is like a pendulum and it swings back and forth.

Also, I am still waiting to hear from my work when the new person is coming to replace me (end of this month or next). And of course I am working with recruiters on getting a job and completing my paperwork.

The winter season comes nearer and thoughts of my future linger close. BK has been really helpful and patient with my situation. I know that he is doing what he can under his own circumstances. (He is going through the process of getting a job, very time consuming)

All in all, I feel a sense of relief, especially when I am at work, that I will not have to deal with this job and its people anymore. And that I will have the opportunity to start fresh and try to get it right at the next one.

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