Thursday, October 30, 2008

America's Last Stand

When I left America I left behind not only my home, but my country. Having lived here in South Korea for 6 months, I understand now all that I took for granted back home.

But I am not talking about things like cheese or limes, that I took for granted. I am talking about the American way of life. This is that you can live in a house with a yard surrounding it. You could walk down the street and find businesses that sell knick-knacks. The workday starts at 8am and ends at 5pm.

Thinking of my country gives me a certain feeling, and this feeling is different from the life I feel here. It is probably because I have been living in Seoul, where every space is cemented over.

In America, I felt like the landscape and the city scape all catered to an appealing eye.

Yet when I left America it seemed it was heading down a spiral towards what it is today. Gas prices were high and in general people were beginning to feel the real affect that the choices Washington made had on their lives.

That is why I am proposing that people take the time to watch Obama's insane  amazing 30 minute infomercial.

Because I think this election is not about a White guy vs. a Black guy. It is about America, and what America needs. America needs a new start.

Next week, I wish America the best in the election. I hope that my country gets what it finally deserves and that it shows the world we aren't a bunch of overweight jerks with iPods in our hands.


  1. I don’t know why you say it's not about a white guy v a black guy, in all of the election rhetoric; I haven't heard that from anyone. This election is about change vs. the norm. We need a change and I happen to think that Obama is the best person to bring that change about. I certainly don’t think the last eight years have been good for the middle class.

    McCain keeps saying that if you give big business more tax cuts it will grow the economy....well that takes me back to Regains' "trickle down economics" well, I have yet to feel it.

    People can’t pay their mortgages, or find jobs or send their kids to college, and the last eight years haven't helped. I don’t agree with McCain and I certainly don’t want Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    So you see, I don’t think that Obama's message was insane, infomercial maybe, it told the American people in what direction he wants our country to go, and how he would get us there, so I found it very informative, and this late in the race there are still people who have misconceptions about his background, religion, etc. He put it out there. If McCain had the money to do it, or the aptitude to think of it, he too would have been on our airways.

    But you know the beauty of the situation is......we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

    I wish you much luck on your new position, and I love reading your blog.

    YES - - - CHANGE!

    SO....Joy as I know that you're an Obama supporter, did you mean "insane" in a negative way? Or did you mean "insanely wonderful"??
    Cause that stood out to me in your post also. Cause if you thought the infomercial was "insane" in its usual context why were you suggesting we watch it??

    ALSO....your observations about life in the USA are not necessarily the norm - but "sweetly" your own!
    Many many people in the USA have NEVER known what it's like to have a house & a yard! You were v. fortunate in FL & CA!
    They live in old tenement apt. buildings or exclusive high rise condos!
    Your work day might have been 8a.-5p., however that's just one slice of the American pie. Many workers in the USA have quite different shifts! Many cities stagger the shifts just to avoid gridlock on the roads, as in Sacramento the State govt. does that.
    And many cities in the USA such as Seoul are paved over w/limited parks & green just never lived or visited there!! ex/Chicago, NYC, Las Vegas, Cleveland, etc....
    Things may seem more intense there in Seoul as there's more crammed into smaller areas.......face it S.Korea has a big population in a small geographic area... Same may be said for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, etc....
    Bottom Line = living abroad is a great experience for an American. I experienced that living in Italy...
    Remember...."Home is always where the heart is".....Homeland, well that's another story at times!

  3. I am an Obama supportor. And my "insane" word choice...really meant that the video is insanely creative and wise.

    YEs my experience of America is my own and not accountable for everyone's.

    Anyways!! :)

  4. I agree with mziriz ... what you described as "the American life" is more like a personal slice of what it's like in your American life. :D

    In my twelve years of working I have never had a job with an 8am - 5pm shift; as the assistant manager of a music store my usual hours were 2pm - 11pm, with Tuesday and Wednesday my days off. (Which I think is another stereotype of "American life" -- that everyone has the weekends off to relax, while in Korea it's not uncommon to see folks going in to work on a Saturday.)

    Do you ever get out of Seoul? There's a ton of nature here in Uijeongbu, just an hour north, and if you take into account inner courtyards folks even have yards here! Uijeongbu has a population of 400,000, which is equivalent to Seattle back in my home state of Washington -- it also seems a bit more laid-back than Seoul. I'd suggest visiting some of the satellite cities in Gyeonggi-do if you ever get the chance. And a bus ride out into rural Jeollanam-do is also an experience. ^^

    More to the point, that Obama clip is amazing. I was really surprised to see how long it is, but I like the detail and planning that went into it!

    I want to log in with OpenID, but for some reason it's not letting me use my LiveJournal account. No idea why ...

    - Paul


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