Friday, October 17, 2008


Blogging is a real phenomenon that takes it shape depending on the author.

I don't know.

Recently I have been trying to figure out all this blogging thing. Other people write such articulate and insightful blogs that I feel mine is minuscule in comparison.

I created this blog with the title Foreign/er because I wanted to express that I am a Foreigner but also foreign to the people around me. And that the world here is foreign.

I don't know if this concept made its way into all my blogs.

This is probably just the early stages of my blog where I work out the kinks. Also it is the early stages of me being a foreigner so in general it is going to be up and down.

With leaving a job and starting a new one, life seems to be full of weekly changes.

Last week, I was settled on living with no job till February.
This week I am hit with the prospect of starting a new job in November.
Next week I will have an interview for the job.
Following week will probably preparations to move...etc.

Change keeps my mind buzzing with so many ideas.

Living in my officetel alone I become distracted with all these thoughts, I forget the life around me.

I know I came here to work and to be an explorer. But I think while I am here I want to grow into a person who can enjoy their life without so much anxiety running through their head.

Anyways, back to laying in bed and quieting my thoughts.

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