Wednesday, October 1, 2008

They Found Someone

The hiring manager apparently has already found someone to replace me, and they are eager to start at the end of October.

But here is the catch:
This new person still has to get their documents in order. So if they don't get it all done in time that means I stay till end of November.

I told them that I consider it that I am leaving at the end of October and I will make my plans as such. But if they want me to stay till the end of November, I would be okay with that.

This puts my start date for a new gig at the beginning of December, January or February... so on.

At our meeting they also outlined in clear detail what and why they will be deducting from my final pay. It was all reasonable and the final tally isn't that high.

Oh and here is the other thing:
It turns out that I am actually quitting. In doing so I gave them my resignation letter. In some ways I feel like I was actually pushed into quitting instead of them firing me. Really that whole matter makes my head spin. So now I just say to's water under the bridge.

What's next:
  • Planning and packing
  • Where am I going to live?
  • GEPIK or SMOE (SMOE won't hire till January / GEPIK has openings in December) (Choice between staying in Seoul [SMOE] or going to the outskirts of Seoul [GEPIK]
  • Make a budget (if I have to stick it out on a tourist visa till January or much will I end up spending?)
  • Have Dad mail me my winter coat instead of buying a new one.
Hmmm I think that sums it up in a nice little nutshell. The major things here are money and what job I will take next.

Again I am waiting for my paperwork to tumble in.

Another slightly little thing that crosses my mind:
If I am going to wait for a SMOE position in January should I just chuck up the money and buy a ticket home? Have a winter vacation?

I would miss BK. I would be poor. But I could see my family.


In the end, it is a relief to know the culmination of this drama is coming to an end and the next phase is beginning.


  1. BK says it would be more financially better to go back home and come back here in a few months.


  2. Think of it this way, though... if you do stay until the end of November, you'll hit that six month mark, right?

  3. Ah yea...but I don't really care anymore... just need to move on to the next part of this journey.


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