Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gil-Dong Home

It occurred to me that I haven't really shown what kind of a home I will be leaving here in Gil-dong. I guess I did not really feel like sharing this with all of you because Gil dong isn't anything special.

But it has been my home for the past 5 months here in Korea and I have gotten to know the neighborhood, which consists mainly of love motels and eateries.

Anyways, before I leave this place I thought I would finally show you a glimpse of what the building I live in looks like.
What has it been like living here?
It is has been strange. The building is obviously what I am not familiar with, that is a typical apartment building with several floors for residents. It is a building that has restaurants, spas and rooms for .... whores. I live at the top of all this nestled in the corner.

When you enter the building you stand and wait for an elevator in the lobby.

It has become my home, despite its cold interior. I have always wished that someone decorate the place with some plants or what-not. But actually I have been really grateful for this home, and I am going to miss it.

Out of all the crap I endured at my hagwon having a somewhat large home that had a view was something I held dear to me.

Now, because of all the mangled stuff that happened I am leaving this place behind. When I talk about this with BK, his response is simple. He just says that this place is nothing special. This makes sense, I guess, because he has lived here his whole life and knows what the homes are like here.

In general, I have enjoyed my little home here but not exactly the Gil-dong area which caters to business men looking for a good time. And I don't really want to live in central Seoul where most of the foreigners live. My ideal hood would be a residential one with side streets and homes, perhaps a park nearby.

Yet I am throwing the dice here and where I will end up living at my next job is up to luck to decide. But it is all part of the adventure!


  1. Gotta go north of the river ... Itaewon and Haebangcheon are the only places with really dense foreigner concentrations on the north side. I personally like the residential area's just NE of downtown.

  2. Thanx for the pics Joy.
    Do you think you're thought of as one those "other" ladies in your building when you come & go??

  3. I am not looking to be in the foreigner concentrations. The NE sounds familiar, been around there with BK.

    ~Mom: I don't think I am considered as an other lady in the sense one of the night workers. But I am other cause I am foreigner. There are actually a lot of foreigners living in this building... spread out amongst the floors.


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