Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waffle Dream

Last night I had a dream that involved waffles and coins.

At first I saw myself leaving this train or waiting for another train. It was the Muni train in San Francisco, which takes a long time to arrive at the station and pick you up. So I got fed up and decided to walk. It turns out I was walking all the way from San Francisco to my Dad's house.

During this it seemed I didn't mind doing all this walking. Besides, there were some parts when I did a little flying to get me by. Eventually I somehow managed to be in this group of people who also were walking instead of taking transportation. We were walking along the freeway and chatting as we went.

Eventually we all grew tired and stopped over at a rest area. I looked around us and saw several choices for dinner. A Chili's, TGIF's and other chain restaurants. When then I looked over across the street and saw this cute little diner. I said to everyone, "Hey, why don't we eat pancakes and waffles for dinner?" as I pointed in the direction of the diner. Everyone seemed perplexed at first but then they all got excited. I was getting excited too because it seemed it had been forever since I had a waffle (since I had been in Korea). So we headed over there.

But on the way I saw something shiny on the ground and picked it up. It was an American quarter. When I saw it in my hands it felt like something foreign, but then I realized that it was a quarter. Then I felt a sense of panic because all I had in my wallet was my Korean money, I hadn't exchanged it yet. So I frantically asked my friends around me if they had any American money, which they had of course.

The dream stammered out as we entered the diner and I saw that the customers were made to wear aprons and chef hats. I was confused of course over this custom and so the dream faded with me trying to understand having to where a red apron and white chef hat, while at the same time looking at a plate of waffles with syrup.


  1. Well you do wear aprons in Korea sometimes...

    After a few months in Korea, I started having dreams that were half in Korean. The odd thing was, I was speaking Korean and my studio mates were responding in English.

    I miss those dreams, actually.

    Joy, are you studying Korean?

  2. Haven't taken the time seriously to study it but I can read it and I do listen well.


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