Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My last day is officially October 31st.

I am actually overjoyed by the news. Now I can see the future.

Right now I am 98% going with option 2. Feeling like I want to stick it out here and go all the way while I get a new job. It means traversing my way to Japan and back but I can do it!!

I want to be here.

Although I will pinching my pennies I can still be a tourist and a visitor to this part of the world. With my free time I could paint, take photos and maybe just maybe learn Korean!

When one door closes another opens.


  1. Hey Joy! I found your site from Hub Sparkle and I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're staying. And I think it's extremely wise to not allow one bad experience at an obviously crap hagwon to ruin your stay here or leave a bad taste in your mouth. I admire your spunk and your enthusiasm. Is it really, really terribly cheesy to say, "Hey, be my friend?"

  2. Awesome! Glad to know you finally got a set date and that you will be staying. Hopefully we really will be able to meet up=^^=
    Good luck finding your public school gig and if you need anything let me know. Now that my hours are reduced I actually have time to have some semblance of a life, lol.

  3. Joy Glad to hear the news!
    HOW'll go to Japan.
    Maybe there are American Univ's groups you can tag along w/sight seeing or for lodging, etc..

  4. Hi,
    Yea I will have more time after October for a more calm life. For now its planning my next moves.

    I am working with a recruiter to get me a gig. So far it is going the way it should I guess.

    Japan will be fun...hope getting lost won't be a huge part of it, though.


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