Monday, September 29, 2008

Once a Year

Tomorrow is my birthday.

There I went and said it. I don't like to shove this in peoples faces. I realized long ago that once your an adult and you don't live at home, celebrating your birthday is really a private thing. That to make others go out of their way is impolite.

But that doesn't mean the event should just slip on by.

For the next 4 years my birthday will continue to land on a weekday, so in my opinion the celebrating will be calm. BK is going to stop on by after I get off work to eat dinner with me.

All in all it is giving me a feeling of amazement.

When one's birthday comes along I think it is important to self-reflect on the moment and think what you were doing on your last birthday.

Last year I didn't really have a spectacular birthday. It kind of passed by with the sunset. Speaking of which here is a picture of me from my birthday in 2006, before I became reallly ill:
I tried to find a picture of me from last year around this time but didn't succeed.

I can't blame the world around me for a lousy birthday. If I want to make it a huge splash I should throw the stone first.

Anyways, I should think of a proper birthday wish ;)

All in all though I am really grateful to be in a foreign country living out my days amongst another world!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY!!! I hope you have a great birthday whether it be low key or an extravaganza! Just remember there are so many people who are glad that you were born=^^=

  2. Joy... it's still your here in the time zone you were born in & just about your birth time (around 6p. if I remember correctly)!
    SO....wishing you a wonderful & very happy ADVENTUROUS Birthday with all my LOVE....Mom

    ps....I promise your package will be mailed v. soon & please confirm again where you want it sent - ok!

  3. thanks Everyone ~ I had a good time.

    Mom~ Send it to my work is still good.



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