Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Neighborhood

Looks like the place I have been given is planted right in downtown Sanbon, off the subway station.

It is also conveniently located near an Emart, so I can expect my bank account to dwindle.

As of now I am trying to arrange my moving day. I need someone to help me move and BK will not be available till 6pm Saturday. So far I have Roboseyo saying he can help me, but I need to confirm a time. If I don't hear from him I am going to have to give the pick up times for when my boyfriend can do it. Great more anxiety! haha~

Anyways, it is going to be interesting Saturday. Because I will move my stuff into the hallway so the cleaning Ahjumma can clean the place, and then the new teacher will move in. I already asked the new teacher if I could keep some of my stuff still in the apartment till my pick up comes. And she said no problem.

That is what is on the plate these days. Yes I feel excitement and relief to be leaving my hagwon. But a little broken hearted for seeing some of the kids go. Ah well~


  1. =( I wish I could help~! But with 2 little boys to drag along, and not finishing my work till 2 pm I'm afraid I'm useless on Saturday! Sorry!

  2. Its okay for now your address is helping for packages!! hehehe

    Once finally settled I will bus it out to your area... I think there is a bus.

  3. THANX Everyone for helping Joy!
    I'm so grateful you're there for her.
    Nice that you're close to a park!
    That's great.
    Is the new school the little "red x" on the map?

    Joy . . . did you send in your absentee ballot?

  4. I hope your move goes smoothly!

    I don't have any transport to offer, sorry :(.

    I don't know much about Sanbon, but I have a bunch of friends from Gunpo. There are some nice people there. :)

  5. Mom.
    Yes I sent my absentee ballot in and hope it was counted.
    That red x is the hospital. My school is in walking distance.


  6. Please show us on the map where the school is...... or near what's marked in English?!! (ie., emart, hospital, park,..).
    Looks like a v. convenient neighborhood.
    Can you read Korean now?

  7. Mom

    I don't know where the school is on the map, but it is there and it is close. I can read Korean and I learned how to before I came to Korea. Problem is I need to build my vocabulary so I know what I am reading.

    It looks like a nice little neighboorhood...and I hope it has some cafes to chill out in.

    Have fun on your trip Mom~!

  8. Thanx Joy........
    How 'bout labeling the map w/the school & other places you find for us when you're able to?!! Along w/some of your beeeeeeeuuuuuteeeeful fotos.


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