Sunday, October 26, 2008


Maybe this was slow of me, which could come from a congested head.

But I have realized that I really need to stop thinking it is all my fault.

Jay had responsibility here, not just me.

As the teacher supervisor / manager, she had a situation on her hands.

One of her teachers was very sick, and asked to go get rest.

Her response was to neglect the needs of her teacher.

She could had offered to teach my first one or two classes until I had rested and felt better. But no she didn't.

Anyways, the bottom line is I really can't go in there tomorrow and give this kind of fight.
They don't have to give me the release letter and documents.

If they don't that will make it difficult to confirm to immigration that I should start at the new school.

But if they ask me what I think or if I have anything to say, I will try to say something along the lines of that I thought Jay didn't handle the situation properly.

Anyways, usually I freak out about something and it turns out to be ok.

But thanks Gomushin Girl!! I think just having had Jay teach all my classes on Friday was karmic revenge enough!


  1. I have a story of hogwon stupidity and being sick that might cheer you up slightly, because hopefully you'll realize that in many hogwons, "this" is SOP.

    One day I was really sick. REALLY REALLY SICK. The hogwon contract said that I had to call in two hours before the start of the day or I wouldn't get a paid sick day (one of my three yearly paid sick days).

    Well, I called Evil CoTeacher That I Wasn't Even Supposed to Have, but she never answered the phone.

    I went back to bed. The other foreign teacher (the one who was the "good" teacher who dropped f-bombs in front of the kids) knew I was sick because she'd come to my apartment the night before bearing medicine and a thermometer. I'd figured I'd called, I'd done my job.

    A few hours later, my school started calling me. I didn't answer the phone. They called over and over until I finally dragged my half-dead body across the room to answer.


    I said, as calmly as I could, "I called, [Evil CoTeacher] didn't answer the phone."

    My boss screamed, "I don't believe you!"

    So on and so forth. When she finally hung up, I got a digital camera and took a picture of the history on my handphone, PROVING that I had, indeed called.

    I emailed it to her and demanded an apology.

    The next day, the boss said, "Why would you send me that picture?"

    "Because you said I didn't follow the contract, you called me a liar and said you didn't believe me."

    She was so mad, "I did not say that!"

    I shrugged, "Yes, you did. I'm not stupid, I know how to read a contract" (our big issue was THEM not following the contract) "and you MUST pay me for yesterday. If you have a problem, ask [Evil CoTeacher] why she didn't answer. And I want an apology."

    I never got the apology, but I did get paid.

  2. OOOOooo much worse than my situation. I hate it when they ask the "Why" you did this questions. Like it isn't obvious?

    Anyways I will have to go in and nod my head to their accusations, so to get outta there peacefully.

  3. I think the reason those kinds of jerk bosses ask the accusing "why" questions is basically because they want to shame you and they want you to hang your head and act contrite, the way a Korean employee probably would.

    It's starting to fall out of style now, but I still hear stories from my adult students from time to time, where their bosses pull the whole department (or just the one employee) into the office on monday morning, berate them for two hours, threaten to fire them weekly, and then send them back to work with a "work hard"!

    Keep your head down, and get out of there!

  4. Thanks Roboseyo~

    I of course hope this is the last time I encounter such kind of management. But it could happen elsewhere. I think though all in all it gave me a lot of experience to go on as a I start my new job next week.


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