Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Criminal Background Check

Zen Kimchi posed an inquiry about whether I have to get a fresh criminal background check or not.

So here is the deal (so far).

I am doing a visa transfer, instead of canceling the Visa and going to Japan and getting a fresh new one.

This means you keep the same Alien Registration number but it is sponsored by a different company.

For the criminal record check I was told by my recruiter that for now they don't need a new one, but will take a copy of the one I did first.

When my new one comes in they would like to have it, but it is not critical right now.

What is critical is getting a whole bunch of documents from my current school. This takes some finessing from my supervisor, because I think she is reluctant. So I am hoping the recruiter can speak with her and get her to do it.

Basically though if I take the job, I have a week to get all these docs processed and have my visa transferred. So there isn't much time for my current supervisor to play hokey.

That is it so far in a nutshell.


  1. That's great you don't need the background check ASAP. And hopefully your current supervisor will keep on the up and up.

  2. My ok with giving me all the docs!

    No just a matter of putting the pieces together.


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  4. haha hahahahaha haa

    Government offices here don't accept online background checks...but if others need them for within the US...ok

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