Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take a Ride with Me

As you all should know I will be going on an adventure soon to get my tourist visa.

So far my plans are to hop it on over to Busan and then ferry over to Fukuoka and then come right back to Busan. That includes maybe 1 night or two in a love motel in Busan. I am not looking to spend a hell of a lot of time in Japan because it is damn expensive. Also I need to get back to life here in Korea because I have ummm clients waiting for me.

So if you are out there and want to join me please let me know. I can go on a weekend for your convienence. We can share things like food...

*Also it would be great if you were female, seeing how BK would get jealous if you were male and single and straight.



  1. LOL I didn't even realize I had that website" dream the impossible" I forgot about it! Anyways, this is Cynthia... =)

  2. Ah Hi!!

    I wish you could too... ah well I am sure we will find time for an adventure some day :)

  3. Hi Joy...Please show us where these places are on a map! Don't you want to see Tokyo?
    Don't be cheap n cheat yourself of an amazing adventure. One nite in Tokyo?

  4. I know, I know...but I have to be cheap if I wanna live it out till February here.

    I will get out more once the money rolls in again~


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