Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Somethings Will Never be the Same

Embracing change is like going for a ride into the unknown. While on that ride one could end up whining the whole time or be wide-eyed and ready for what is next.

The second part is what I am learning to do. First of all they found me a new home, but what kind of home?

Is it small, dirty, or situated above a bar?
My instincts are that if I don't like it I should complain and demand what I want.

But my new instincts are telling me, that it will be a free home and I should make it what I want.

I think because of my situation and that the school doesn't have time to get it perfect, that I should be open-minded.

Housing for teachers here varies greatly, and some get lucky while others are left behind.

In perspective, though, change is just around the corner.

New classes, school, management, neighborhood and so-on. I brought myself to this by my choices and actions, so I don't want to complain.

Most of all I don't want to be fearful of what is next.

Hopefully it is not "easier said than done."

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  1. Be positive & grateful!
    Trust...Faith... Gratitude.
    Don't buy into fearful thinking.

    And...If the new place is totally unacceptable speak up.

    They've met you...I can't imagine they'd put you in a creepy place.
    They see that you're a v. nice young woman.


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