Friday, October 17, 2008

New Job?

Light seems to be shining out of nowhere as I have been offered a job in Gyeongi-do.

I got an email last night from my recruiter and so had some time to think about it. At first I was apprehensive because it is in Sanbon. This is an area below Seoul kind of in the middle. By subway train it takes 30-40 minutes into Seoul, which means seeing BK will be at a disadvantage. But he told me to consider my priorities and not worry about him, that we can still see each other on weekends and other chances.School Details / Advantages:
  • Location is in the mountains, away from Seoul. Areas like these are more residential...calmer.
  • GEPIK school offering 2.0 million Won instead SMOE offer of 1.8 million Won.
  • Kuri blogger lives nearby ....friend hook up
  • Get to start in November .... offering the ability to not lose money
  • Elementary school: was shooting for higher grades, but ah well.
  • Told by recruiter that reputation of school is very good.
So I emailed the recruiter this morning saying I would like to take the offer. But she wants me to start in November. If they need a new Criminal background check that won't be here till next month.

All in all, it is still up in the air whether I can get in, but it would be a relief to know I don't have to live off pennies.


  1. I lived very close to Sanbon (I lived near Bomgye). It's a nice area.

    It's not that terrible getting into Seoul. Good Man lived over by Olympic Park, and we made it work.

  2. I live in Uijeongbu, one hour north of Seoul, and have to agree that the distance isn't a big deal.

    Sure, it makes for a two-hour round trip (or one-hour round trip in your case), but you can listen to music, nap, study Korean, read, or think up blog entries during that time. It's all in how you spend the time.

  3. Remember too, sometimes people who live inside Seoul still deal with an hour or two commute each way. I used to have a forty-five minute bus ride to school in the mornings. There's almost certainly express buses also, and it's really not that bad. Good luck!

  4. Interesting turn of events.

    - If you don't care for elementary age students, why take this job?

    - Are teaching jobs scarce?

    - What's the likelihood of being offered a middle or HS situation in the near future?

    - Do you know how many classes you'll have to teach per day & other pertinent details?

    - Does this school provide lodging (an apt) & plane fare?

    Would be interesting to experience a different environment. Is it suburban or rural? Less English speakers around you out there?


  5. Thanks for those supporting comments.
    I think it is just in my head that the distance isn't as close as a street walk away. But in reality we will live busy lives and I am sure they will come together.

    I do like Elementary kids and all the ages actually.

    I think its a teaching job no matter what.

    Yes they give you all the goodies like airfare...etc.

    I don't know my housing yet...but I will find out before I sign anything.


  6. Yea! You'll be basically in my 'hood! Sanbon is a cool little place and is basically an extension of Anyang and a few stops away from Ansan (and Ansan Asia Town).

    Tell me if you have to do the criminal background check again. Supposedly you shouldn't have to. That's what they told us all in the beginning. So we're all curious.


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