Friday, October 24, 2008

Took it~

Woke up with a sore throat.

Went to the interview anyways.

Liked what I saw.

Took the job, ironed out the details in the contract.

Went to the doctor. He said I was too sick to work.

Went to work, was told no one can cover for me.

Felt like crap...fever, sore throat, achy, the works.

Taught my first class, tried to rest and not speak.

Kids started to play.

Knock on door.

"Go Home"

"Why you couldn't have enough courage to tell us No, that you can't work, now you could have made the children complain that their teacher was resting and not working."

Pissed of the supervisors.

Went home.

Still feel like crap.

Hoping this doesn't tarnish my supervisors decision to give me the release letter.

Oh soup time.


  1. Dr. Mom here w/your Rx:
    Did the Dr. give you any medicine?
    A note for your employer?

    Try not to stress & relax in your cozy bed...REALLY!'ll get better sooner the more you REST!
    Don't go to work until you feel better.......NO Matter What!!
    Don't worry about the $$ if they dock some'll be OK w/out it.
    Your health is more important than anything!
    Bottom line, the supv. should be more worried about the health of those little kiddies catching your germs that you of course caught from them!
    Than the "complaints" of the parents. Has NOTHING to do w/your courage.
    Please don't buy into this ridiculousness! Don't let her intimidate you!

    Glad to hear things are squared away w/the new job.
    Did you see your new apt.?
    I'm v. happy for you!
    NOW....REST....RELAX....HYDRATE.... STAY WARM & know that you're loved very much by your Mama!!

  2. Thanks Mom~

    I am feeling better but hope my tummy does too~!

  3. I agree with Dr. Mom. Sounds like she is really supportive and is there by yourside. She's right!!! Your health is way more important that those stupid idiots at your job. I'm surprised you took it for that long. I'm not sure that I would be as willing and understanding of their situation. Anyways congrats on the new job. Sounds like it will be a better fit for you ;)

  4. Trust me even though I understand their point of view, I still think their execution of deliberating their situation is terrible~

    Anyways, hope the new one has more to look forward to.

  5. > their execution of deliberating their situation is terrible~

    > Anyways, hope the new one has more to look forward to.
    I know the above statements are written in the English language, but what the heck do you mean by them?
    As written they don't make any sense???
    Could you please restate the way English is really spoken!

    Have you finally learned Korean & now you're thinking Korean & writing English??!!

    LUV U

  6. nah~ my blogs are just written off the top of my head and that will lead to manner errors. I am famous for writing awkward sentences.


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