Friday, October 10, 2008

Understanding Immigration

Well now that I am on the loose I need to figure out just what kind of Tourist visa I need to get.

At first I was under the impression that I would journey over to Japan's Korean Consulate and get the C3 Visa, or a 90 day tourist visa. But to make sure I inquired with immigration through their petition service online. The response I got was that I can't change my visa to a C3. That was not good news.

So after informing BK and having him call up immigration to get some answers, it turns out I was on the wrong track.

The actual tourist visa I need is the B2 visa which is:
Foreigner who enters Korea without visa for the purpose of tourism or transit
This is made possible by the visa waiver program. The only catch is that this kind of visa only lasts for 30 days. So to extend it all I need to do is walk into immigration and request to extend my visa and pay a small fee.

My journey now is that in order to get this lovely B2 visa I still need to leave the country and come back.

So where should I go? I don't really have all the money to spend several days somewhere, but I am starting to look into it.



  1. I just have to say that I REALLY HATE Blogger. I hate it.

    OK, go to Vietnam. It's cheap.

    Flight to Japan are cheap, but Japan is really expensive. Go to Thailand or Loas or Cambodia or Vietnam. Flights are a little more expensive, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than Japan. The longer you stay, the cheaper it is. Go for more than a few days.

    Or go to and choose a cheap flight to a cheap place. That's how I ended up going to Vietnam on vacation and it was a good move.

    I know you want to be with BK. I get that. But if you're going to spend the money to stay in Korea, stretch it out by staying somewhere else and have a little vacation.

    Those are my biased thoughts.

  2. Thanks Amanda.
    I know I attach myself to BK like I am some kind of magnet. You see he and I have been really busy lately and haven't had much time to see each other...or really talk to each other on the phone.

    With the chance to have some free time I will get to be with him more, so that we don't grow out of our love.

    I know what happens when you become to attached to someone and you don't really live your life. I have experienced this already.

    So for two reasons I am going to stay in Korea:
    - BK
    - Money

    Also recall I have a disease which if acted up means I need to see a specialist. I am too poor to get traveler's insurance so I will go with Koreas healthcare...even though I still won't have health insurance.

    Anyways it would be great to live in another country for a bit. But not till another time.

  3. But if you meant exploring a different country besides Japan to get my tourist visa...well I am looking into that possibility. YEt really really cheap!!! I mean really cheap!

  4. I don't mean stay there forever! I don't even mean live there! I just mean take a two week vacation, though if you have some medical condition, that does complicate things.

    Vietnam is REALLY, REALLY cheap. As long as you don't get custom made clothing done like I did...


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