Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Commenting format

Due to some trolling recently I have changed the commenting settings.

Now this mostly effects Mom. So Mom to comment here you are going to have to have a gmail account okay :)

Anyways have a good day~


  1. Yech. Trolling sucks. It's been going around lately, too: Gomushin Girl had one two weeks ago, I had one last week; I guess it's your turn.

    Anyway, hope things are going well for you these days.

  2. Hi....guess I had a google account but didn't remember that I did.
    What exactly are trolls?
    People who snoop into blogs & do something illicit?

    When you say "BK's Office Tel" are you referring to one that he (will have) has? Or the one that he found for you?
    Please translate into U.S. dollars for us...what that Office Tel rent is = to!

    Personally I think you should use this "free" time to explore other areas of Asia if possible w/inexpensive student excursions, etc....
    OR...S. Korea or just Seoul for that matter......rather than returning to U.S.. But I've already expressed that opinion!

    Your family: Mom, Sister & Nephews and Cousins live in FL! They are not Mom's family....they are our family Joy!

    I hope whatever you decide makes you happy & you are able to thoroughly enjoy your foreign adventure!
    Meanwhile, I haven't sent your B.Day package due to the uncertainity of your plans. I'd rather not send it to Seoul if you'll be in CA soon.
    SO please let me know what to do w/it as soon as you decide yourself what you'll be doing.

    I'm going to see Joe Biden tmw speaking at FGCU. Did you watch the debate tonite.
    McC looked like an old man waddling around, maybe his Depend was slipping out of his boxers?!!

  3. Is that your mom on a google account? Cool.

    Trolls are internet surfers who live under bridges, and come out from their muddy depths to anonymously write ignorant, rude, tasteless, and otherwise inappropriate comments on people's well-meaning websites, in order to get a rise out of people, and feel validated (or something). Like fire, if you feed them, they get worse, but if you starve them (by refusing to respond and deleting their comments) they will go elsewhere, and find a place where their ugly behaviour is rewarded with attention.

    Your ma's right, Joy, that the cash you have will go a lot farther if you spend a few months in Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, or somewhere similar (my friend prefers Laos), though it might make processing documents more difficult to do it all by proxy from a third country -- you'd probably have to stay in a city that has a Korean consulate.

    I really hope your posts about finding a new job make it onto the Hub Of Sparkle: that's a part of the Korea experience that I think is valuable to share, and which could benefit other expats.


  4. Thanks Mom and Thanks Roboseyo.

    Mom~ Sticking it out here and being a tourist seems the most lucrative and smart money wise. So yea yea I listen to ya!

    Roboseyo~ funny bit about the trolls! I would love to post on Hub of Sparkle. I will have to go over there and figure out how to do it.

    Anyways maybe my few days in Japan will give me a taste for adventure!


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