Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Night in Sanbon

Well I made it folks for this is my last night here in Sanbon South Korea. And it's about darn time really!

Today was filled with kids coming to me giving me presents and saying goodbye. Some begging me to not go.

I think I touched the hearts of most of the girl students since they seemed to come by the office most often.

It's heartbreaking but I know that eventually one of us would of moved on, either they would go to middle school or I would leave the school.

There wasn't a big goodbye party for me. Instead a gathering in a conference room where the Principal said something and I was given a small sum of money. Then I gave a little speech saying how I enjoyed my time at the school and will miss the children dearly. It wasn't translated and so I spoke slowly in hopes they would understand. I said thank you and bowed, then everyone clapped and returned the gesture. The meeting commenced and we went our separate ways.

All in all, it feels really good to complete one year at a school. I stuck it out through thick and thin and in the end can now feel accomplished.

I now have one month that is mine to look forward to where I will be living in Seoul and do some traveling to Japan for my new visa.

Thanks to everyone and your kind and thoughtful comments that helped me through the dark times and kept me excited during the brighter days.


  1. congratulations!! I'm excited for you!! Hope moving day goes smoothly!!!

  2. Congrats Joy!!! I hope you have an amazing one month off. Plenty of time to reboot yourself for the new school while having fun and discovering new things.

  3. yay, you will be moving on to bigger and better things...and a place to live soon=^^=


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