Friday, October 9, 2009

Public Bus Fight in San Francisco: Route Chinatown

Watch this video.

Having lived in San Francisco I can tell you there is a lot of tension built up with residents. And in general when people ask why living in San Francisco is different from just visiting, this is why.

The city has "city problems" and it seems nothing really goes on to fix it, along with this there are also a lot of neighborhood issues between different cultures.

Video Poster's info:
Chinese Lady fighting with Black Lady over a seat in a san francisco muni in chinatown.
TRANSLATION (Sorry if my translation is off)
Old Man#1(0:01 Beat that bitches ass.
Old Lady#1(0:02): Don't hit her.
Chinese Lady in the Pink(0:23): Don't let that bitch bully you.
Chinese Lady: (0:09): This bitch got the nerve to yell at me for me asking her politely if i may sit down. She is hogging the seat and won't let me sit. (0:48): If that bitch didn't want to let me sit down don't mean she got to bitch at me. (0:59): I didn't yell at you bitch why you going off on me. If I don't stand up for myself, she won't get scared. (1:44): Dare to fucking pick on chinese people?
(2:05): This bitch hogging the seat and I asked nicely if I may sit and that bitch kept hogging the seat. She has no heart, always bullying chinese people.
Old Man#2(1:26): Hit that bitch.
Old Man#3(1:33): Beat that bitch ass.
Old Lady#2(1:37): Don't fight no more.
Old Man#2((1:59): Beat the fuck out of her till she is scared!

Location: Clay St./Stockton St. Chinatown, San Francisco

30 stockton or 45 union/stockton at 10:00AM October 7th, 2009

The guy who shot the video, North Beach resident Jonathan Perel, contacted us with more details. He tells us the fight erupted after one of the women, who was carrying a bag, took up two seats, and the other woman tried to sit down next to her.

As tensions escalated, Perel said, he grabbed his iPhone and started recording -- all because he had been the victim of an assault on the same Muni line a couple of weeks back. His assailant hopped off the bus and got away, he said.

"I wished that somone would have recorded that one, because then there is more you can do about it," he said.

In this case, Perel directly uploaded the tape from his phone to YouTube -- and now, everybody knows about it.

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  1. Never saw anything like that in New York City on the subway or bus...that's not to say it didn't happen back then..... lots of different cultures in that city.
    Is this happening all over the U.S.? World?
    There's whacko people everywhere too1

  2. wow, that's crazy. i feel bad but i found that kind of entertaining. :X

    lesson learned: don't mess with ahjoomas. lol


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