Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fate of Mr. Billy the Bug

Poor Mr. Billy the Bug crawled his way onto my desk this afternoon and thus started what would be the last hour of his life.

Mr. Billy the Bug crawled around my desk until finally he fell to the floor. From there he went in circles trying to climb the wall and heater. But oh dear his little legs weren't adapted to climbing sheer cliffs such as the smooth surface of my office wall.

If you got too close to Mr. Billy he would jump and do back flips, one time landing on my head. So one had to be cautious when approaching temperamental Mr. Billy the Bug. But I knew that he was after getting out of my office and wanted to be free.

So I propped up a cardboard box for Mr. Billy to crawl on, and once inside I picked the box up and put it against the window so he could crawl out.

Yet I am a believer of evolution and letting Mother Nature do what she should so I didn't help much further. I watched as Mr. Billy the Bug crawled along the windowsill getting nowhere by going back and forth several times.

He was a cautious bug, testing out corners several times before attempting to climb them. Seeing the world outside the window he tried to do many back- flip- jumps to get out, but they failed him. Finally, he started to climb up the side of the window and I thought he was home free.

But he fell back on to the ground and so had to start from back at square one. I propped up the box for him to climb in again but he took off in the other direction.

I grew tired of watching him go in circles and resumed my time on the computer. When suddenly some 5th grade boys came in. These weren't your ordinary pack of budding 12 year old boys. For they were the "tough" boys, and especially one of them was the meanest of the group. I have deemed him the "scary boy" because he sports a menacing face. But in reality he just has an attitude problem.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Billy the Bug having Scary Boy come into the room meant his fate was sealed. Of course, I am guilty myself too for having pointed out the defenseless Mr. Billy. Without hesitation Mr. Billy felt his fate under the crushing power of Scary Boy's rubber soled shoe.

I screamed, "No!" in astonishment that Scary Boy had quickly and without a second thought crushed Mr. Billy the Bug. Sorry

R.I.P. Mr. Billy the Bug.
Forgive Me


  1. Ahaha.. poor Billy.

    I remember seeing these moths all over Seoul. They seemed to like landing on people.

    Nicely written blog, btw!

  2. I know why that kid killed your particular bug. Koreans say this "pests" come from China. Seriously... It's a "foreign invader". During the spring and summer they were everywhere (in Seoul, at least) and I saw and heard lots of talk about killing them.

  3. Yay! One down a bazillion more to go. I am so over the creepy crawlers. We need more bats in this country.

  4. lycorma delicatula is it's scientific name but the koreans call it the 중국매미. they're everywhere...>.<


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