Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seoul Grand Park Zoo

Last Sunday I met up with JH and we went to the Seoul Grand Park Zoo in Gwacheon. It was one of those days that was sunny and a little cool. A perfect atmosphere to walk around a zoo.

To get to the back of the zoo, instead of walking through it all we took a ski lift type ride. It certainly was a great ride as you can look around and see a horizon.

As far as visiting the zoo and seeing the animals that was a lot of fun too. However, some animals had great living enclosures while others seemed sparsely adequate.

I am not going to write much on the visit and just let you view the pictures. I am sure you have been to a zoo before in your life and know what it is like.

A few notes on what made this zoo notable:
  • In the outdoors with mountains and forests nearby.
  • There aren't that many rangers present, so people got away with feeding the animals and taunting them.
  • The variety of animals and species were pretty good. I enjoyed the reptile section.
  • Come during feeding time and you will see some action.

Oops~ JH fed the monkey.

Cactus farm

Hand sanitizer~
Go to the zoo for a lovely stroll and to see some animals. Soon it will be winter like and walking around a zoo won't be so exciting.

Oh and look out for the snake pens, they feed them live rats and you get to watch as they devour them.


  1. Great picture of you and JH. I love the Seoul zoo when it is not crowded. I think I went this year on the first warm spring day along with every family in Seoul.

  2. Great photos!

    Were you worried about getting pegged by an elephant at all, or did JH have your back?


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