Friday, October 9, 2009


Let me ask you something. (This is for those living in South Korea)

What do you do the second Saturday of each month?

If you don't have a concrete answer then I think you are not alone.

Let me ask you another question.

Would you like to belong to a group? One that meets regularly every month at the same time. A group of people that will share a sense of adventure, community and exploration.

Of course you probably already have made a small group of friends from work or within your area. But what about the bigger picture?

What about every expat in Korea? What if every expat in Korea knew of a group to join in on every month in their area or closest biggest area

"But what will we do?" You might be asking.

The answer is anything!

Think about it. Some of us graduated with degrees in art, history, science, English, and etc. Some of us have skills in bookmaking (me), painting (me), talking about art (me) and so on.

We could get together and do a gallery crawl through an artsy neighborhood. We could go mountain climbing or explore a rural part of Korea.

We could simple just sit together in a cafe and play Monopoly.

The point is that we could do anything.

Idea being that we will all meet at a specified location. From there people will brainstorm where to go and what to do. Some can go as a whole group and others could branch off and do something else.

So basically we just first get together at one spot every Second Saturday of the month and do something together.

And we meet in the afternoon. So to do something fun during the day and then have a nice dinner at night or go clubbing (anything).

My ideas and vision:
  • Gallery hopping
  • Cafe sitting and musing
  • Shopping
  • Museums
  • Playing boardgames
  • Watching DVD's at someone's house
  • Going to comedy shows
  • Putting together "Walks" around Seoul...our own personal tours.
  • Share resources with each other.
  • Eventually start an expat library.
  • Possibly start an studio art club. (Drawing, painting...sharing)

Even if you are shy, lazy and overall consider your Saturday's to be precious free time then still come out.

If you are new to Korea meeting people helps a lot with adjustment and creating a positive attitude.

If you are a goldie and been here awhile why not meet more people? Share your expertise and secrets of hidden gems in Seoul and other places.

So what do you say?

2S2's October Meet Up:
October 10
2:00 pm
Inside Twosome Place Cafe
Anguk Station
Exit 1, and turn right when you come out of the gate.
Twosome Place will be on your right, just before the big intersection.

And for more info and pizazz check out Rob's blog request of the same thing.


  1. What time? I'll check Rob's post and see if he says. Great idea. I would like to join up, but am busy during the day this Saturday and will be visiting the US in November! Sigh.

  2. Not to be rude or anything but it seems as though these meet-ups are mostly only for those that live in the greater Seoul area. I think instead of writing "If you are new to Korea...." and instead put "If you are new to Seoul...."

    I also don't really understand what you and others up in Seoul are trying to accomplish. This is only my opinion, but these sorts of meet-ups usually happen organically whereever you live in the world. Every week, I hang out with friends and new acquaintances with varied interests and backgrounds to shoot the shit, go clubbing, take a drawing class, share books, watch movies, go to shows and museums, etc. These are the same things one would do with their group of friends. What's the need to have an official meet-up? I'm only curious.

  3. Kristen I hear you on that it seems these are only happening around Seoul. I don't live in Seoul so I have to travel out there. I think our future goal is that this group can be sited in any region in Korea.

    I guess we are trying to form one main group for all expats. But it's true we are still working out the gist of it all.

  4. Kristen: it's in Seoul, because I'm in Seoul, and I'm organizing the first 2S2 pocket. Joy came quite a ways to attend this first one... I'd be happy, too, if there were one in her area, so she didn't have to travel so far.

    Meanwhile, if you want one where you are, why not start one! E-mail me at roboseyo at gmail dot com for more information; I'd be happy to answer any of your questions, and Joy is right: I'd love it if there were 2S2 chapters in every city and town in Korea... but I'm in Seoul, so that's where mine will be.

    You ask the question, why bother making expat meetups formal, and join a network like the one I'm proposing, when you already have your own group of cool friends? Fair enough. A few reasons.

    1. though the formalization is minimal, making it a "thing" rather than an organic get-together, with somebody whose job is to organize it, whose e-mail people know in order to pitch their ideas for the next get-together, gives the thing a bit more staying power: I've seen informal groups dissolve when "the one who always planned stuff" goes home, but the groups that stick around are the ones where the guy with the mailing list passes planning responsibilities on to a successor. That's not a ton of organization or formalization: barely any, but it's just enough to keep the thing rolling.

    2. if it's a "thing" rather than me getting together with my friends, other community-minded or connection-seeking people will feel a little more empowered to approach that little cluster of foreigners sitting in the coffee shop, and join the network. That's important.

    3. It may not happen today, it may not happen next year, but there come times when it IS good to have some kind of grassroots organization in place, even if it's informal. If, four years ago, there had been an informal organization of expats closely enough affiliated to do something about it when the anti-foreigner stories hit the news after the "playboy party"
    (See here for more)
    , we would have been able to respond and present a more positive image of foreigners: respond to the stuff the news was reporting about us. Because there was nothing, the Anti-English spectrum got free rein to determine how foreigners are presented in the Korean media. I don't know when the next situation will come up where it would be good for expats to be ready to do a positive community image push, or some kind of tangible response... but when it happens, I hope we'll be ready to do it, and this kind of thing might help. I'm not asking anybody to ditch out on the friends they already have, but I think it would be good, in the bigger picture, for those bits and pieces to become a little less fragmented, at least from time to time, in order to know that we've got eachother's backs, and we're ready when the poo hits the air conditioning equipment.

    If you have any more questions, my e-mail address is up at the top of this (way-long) comment. Thanks for your question.

    All the best!



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