Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boxes, Tape, Scissors

How many times have I moved over the course of my adult life? In college I moved from dorms to roommate house-shared living.

So it is that I got good at packing my stuff and remembering where everything went.

Out here there is really only so much you can accumulate that will fit into your shoe-box sized home. Nevertheless, I have gathered quite a good chunk of books and other odds and ends.

I have packed up so far mostly the non-essential stuff using one of my three suitcases to store a lot of it.

JH is letting me store my stuff at his house's storage facility till I move into my new place in December. This weekend he helped me pack and take apart a desk I own.

Oh here is the MP3 player I won for that blogging contest. I haven't really opened it yet, but think it would be fun to turn it into like a "mix-tape" sort of thing and give it to JH every now and then as a treat.
After packing and watching Season 2 of Lost (I am catching JH up) we had lunch nearby at a typical Korean restaurant that serves the usual set of food.

We went to the park nearby and played Scrabble until JH won. He is getting really good at the game and although I let him use his cell phone dictionary I know it is helping him build his vocabulary.

Afterwards we went back to my officetell to rest. However, I spent the rest of the time hitting the panic button as I thought about everything that is to come.

Ah yes, you are probably curious about the goshiwon situation.

We found a suitable goshiwon in the Konkuk University area of Seoul, which is on line 7. If people have told you that a goshiwon room is very small believe them. Because a goshiwon room is indeed very small. Actually the ones we looked at were on the pricier end of the goshiwon spectrum.

The first goshiwon we checked out the rooms were very small but had a built in shower in the room. The floors were separated by sex. There were several kitchens but the bigger one being on the top floor. The location was semi-okay, with a love hotel nearby and a galbi restaurant underneath. They offered me a room with a window that looked out onto a neighboring roof top. However the window was kind of small.

We wanted to see a few more before making a decision and found another goshiwon in the area. This one was pretty much similar but I felt was in a somewhat cleaner part of town. The rooms were a bit bigger and appeared to be more clean. The room she showed us had a window that was big but it looked out onto a brick wall of the building that is adjacent. And yes it includes a built in bathroom.

There was a small kitchen on the same floor and a laundry room nearby as well. This one was actually more expensive, although they provided cooked rice and eggs for residents. I decided to go with this one since it seemed more comfortable and I guess a little bigger. I put down my deposit and will send the rest via wire transfer before I move in next Saturday.

I have to say that I feel sorry for anyone who has to live in a goshiwon for a long period of time. I am really grateful I only will be living in one for a month. I see now that if I did stick with my plan to wait till February that I would have gone insane staying in a goshiwon.

So anyways I started to panic a bit this afternoon as I realized that I am going to be moving. Thankfully JH is patient with me and talked me through how everything is going to be okay and end up better.

He really is a saint and I can't believe sometimes how well he handles my insecure tantrums. Thank you!

Well I have more packing to do and get everything ready to move out. I still haven't signed the Yongin contract so I can imagine they will be sending me some paperwork soon, actually I hope so!

All in all, at least this signals the last days in Sanbon and the start of my future. Since I will be living in Seoul for the next month if anyone wants to get together during the week or weekend lemme know ^^. Trust me I will not be wanting to spend all my time in my goshiwon room.


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  1. All of this sounds pretty exciting & grateful that you have JH to hold your hand!
    Tell him Momz LOVES playing Scrabble & I'm ready set to go & beat him if you guys make it over here!
    SO from your post I take it you took the Goshiwon with the brick wall view? But it does have a private WC & Shower? (WC = toilet)!
    And comes w/rice & cooked eggs?
    How convenient!

    Joy...what a great adventure!
    JH is right EVERYTHING IS OK!
    You've learned SO much in the time you've been in Korea about life, teaching, yourself, etc....
    NO FEAR!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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