Sunday, October 18, 2009

Casual Weekend

This weekend has gone by and there isn't much that was eventful to report, just the same-oh same-oh.

In other words, I did stuff but didn't take pictures of what happened. Although, I wish I had but on the occasion I wanted to I was without my camera.

Saturday JH and I got up early to go visit my new doctor at the Yonsei Severance Hospital in Ewha, Seoul. We had to get up early so we could get to the hospital by 8am to do a blood test.

Yonsei Hospital is huge and also very accommodating place to wait for an appointment. Since I could not eat anything before giving some blood I was hungry after I finished the test. The hospital has a whole huge food court in it, with many restaurants to choose from as well as a few marts. We chose Burger King because I was craving a breakfast like item. It is rare for me eat to fast food, but I figured this one time wouldn't hurt.

We had a lot of time to waste waiting till 12pm for my appointment with the GI Doctor. The hospital has wifi and computers available for internet access. So I spent some time on the internet looking at the Yongin School's website and trying to figure out the classes schedule. I couldn't find what I was looking for, however I did figure out that there are a lot of class groups at the school.

I was so tired at that time, because I hadn't slept well the night before due to thinking about what to do with this Yongin offer.

It sounds good to take this offer because it is in area that is new and near Bundang. For those who don't know where I am talking about. You have Seoul, you know kind of in the center, then you have Bundang which is South underneath Seoul. This area is pretty new as far as development wise goes and is a popular residential area. Also there are many buses that go straight into Gangnam, Seoul.

But the school is at the end of the yellow line, and so is still kind of far out.

What are my real fears?

Whenever I am faced with these big decisions I fear that I will make the wrong choice. That after I sign the contract a few months later a better position will come up and I will regret my choice.

Yet, I am starting to realize that although every school varies that in general the job remains the same.

Fear is gripping though and when I can't get my mind out of it I start to second guess everything.

Thankfully the recruiter got me in touch with one of the teachers at the school. Apparently, there are more than one native teacher at the school but I am unsure of how many. I think there may be 4 of them and I am going to be replacing one.

Anyways, the recruiter gave me her email contact, and so I emailed her with my questions. She got back to me letting me know that most of the teachers live in the same building which have big and clean rooms.

Other information included that I might be teaching 2nd, 5th and 6th grade only. That was a bit of a red flag. Hearing that I would teach 2nd grade makes me worry a little. But she also said that they just read a story to the 2nd grade and the coteacher helps out with translation. Sounds simple.

Then she went on to tell me that classes finish at 2:30 and then we are left to plan till 4:40. That means that I would teach 6 classes a day. Four in the morning and two in the afternoon, which equates to 30 teaching hours a week. This is overtime due to that I am contracted to teach 22 hours a week. Of course it wouldn't be a surprise to have a few extra classes on a few days.

Basically what is going on here is that I have been working at a very small school, while it is typical for most schools to be bigger. So I would end up making a leap from a small school, where I was the only foreign teacher, to a bigger school with more Native Teachers, staff and kids.

Yet I realized that it is time to be professional and not whine or care about the schedule. Point being that I have the experience and knowledge now to be able to take on a bigger school.

However, this girl is new to the school so she may not entirely understand everything. She didn't tell me what my exact schedule is so I have to wait till I visit the school to see what it is.

If the schedule and the housing are agreeable, so far I can't see why I would say no. The area has two Emarts and a Lotte mart within the surrounding perimeter. On the map you see a lot of greenery and parks. JH says he is fine with this place even though he knows that if I took more time I could find a school closer to where he lives.

I guess this post became more about my job hunting than this weekend. In the mix this weekend was as you know a hospital visit (which went well -- everything is fine), a wedding ceremony for JH's coworker and just sitting around at home with JH pondering my future.

All together I am starting the last 2 weeks at my school and living in my shith*le. That second part is what I am so excited for.

Goodbye Beeping parking garage! Goodbye Stinky Seafood and Octopus Restaurant! Goodbye Shabu Shabu noisy-music-outside restaurant. Goodbye creepy neighbors. Goodbye!!


  1. Joy,
    This too shall pass - while I don't know if you're religious or not, everything comes and goes. Second-guessing is normal, but eventually the moment of truth comes... You'll be fine - and between your experience and your boyfriend, you'll be able to manage things a lot better.

    Best of luck - Yongin is a nice area, for what it's worth. Everland is nearby too!


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