Monday, November 2, 2009

Moved Out / In

Moving out was interesting, because I learned that I have a lot of stuff. How much? Four car loads worth! How the heck did I end up with so much stuff and where I am going to put it in my new place? So far my plan is to either throw out or give away a lot of stuff when I move again or store it somewhere for the future.

The man who helped me out during all this was JH. Boy was he a trooper, and somehow all my stuff is stored at his house in their storage space.

Saturday night I moved into the Goshiwon and I have to say I was really tired but also perplexed at how I was going to live in such a small space.

This is the street where the Goshiwon is located. I am in the Konkuk University area just a street up near the Children's Grand Park.

The place is called the "F. House".
Never mind the fact that in the basement is a business room...yes look past this please.
The goshiwon is very pretty inside and is also nice and clean.
I am going to make a video soon to show you a "walk through" of the goshiwon.

You come up these stairs to where the rooms are located.
This will be just a short rendition as the video will provide more of a peek into the whole place. Down this hallway is the door to my room.
You enter my room through a keypad electronic door mechanism.

This is it folks all the space one needs for one month in Seoul. I have to say I kind of wish I spent more time on looking for a goshiwon with more space (of course you had to pay a lot).

So where you see the drying rack there is the only open space. Next to the drying rack is the shower unit which is closed in via a glass box. I could put the drying rack on the roof but I don't want to take any chances with a random rain shower.

Yes the bed is nice and cozy mostly because I doubled up my winter blanket to act as a mattress pad.

Here is the desk area where there was a TV situated on top, but I wasn't really using it so I tucked it underneath. Also you can see a mini-frig. There is a shared kitchen where you can store stuff in a larger frig.

Yes that is a real window there people. I have a lovely view of a brick wall but I think since these days are getting colder I won't have the window open too wide. Oh I would like to remark that I brought in my own lamp. I can't stand fluorescent lighting~
The place is quiet with I think mostly gals living in the other rooms. Although there is a major road nearby so I get to hear the traffic from that.

There were a few issues I had to get fixed yesterday before feeling completely comfortable in here. One, the shower drain was extremely clogged. Solution: Got the Ahjumma to clean it. Two, needed something to store my personal dishes. Fixed it by going to Emart. And basically had to organize my stuff and put it all in logical spaces.

Yesterday JH took me around the Children's Grand Park (pictures and story to come) and we had a jolly good time. Funny story too about something that happened yesterday.

Well of course I don't want to spend all my time in this closet but it sure is darn cold today. However, I need to get photos for my new job documents and get them mailed off. So I do have some work to get done.


  1. Hi,

    Can I offer a suggestion? Be more discreet in how you present personal information about where you're living and the exact location of your apartment in just seems like too much specific info online with the potential for insane people/rapists to know about where you are.

    Try to exclude numbers, and other info about your exact location so that random viewers/aka strangers don't know enough to actually track down where you are...

    Again, please consider the lack of rights and legal protections that UPPER class citizens have in Korea versus middle and lower class women that do not get full protection under the law let alone immigrant workers under which YOU fall considering the general status of your visa...........

    please be safe and more aware of Net info sharing...

  2. Hmm It is good to get a warning like this. Unfortunately I already finished making my video before I read your comment. So I'll just have to hope I am not putting myself too much at risk.

  3. Thanx Jason for pointing this out to Joy!
    Joy stay very AWARE as you leave & enter your building now. Do you carry a cell ph there? That would be a good idea I think!
    Be careful .....

  4. hi,
    i will be going to korea this coming winter season. am looking for place to stay. what is the address the F.House goshiwon? do they have any website for this. i will really appreciate for ur help thanks alot :) u can email me at thanks!

  5. Stephanie.. I sent you a message but for everyone else the website is:

    1. You are awesome Joy. I'm planning on being in korea this summer and just found out about goshiwons :) this is super helpful as a first place to start!!!


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