Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Many Recruiters?

There are a plethora of recruiters out there to help us Native Teachers find our job. But I had a question come up in my mind whether using more than 3 would be a bad idea.

So I did what anyone would do and I googled the question. I came upon this website gone2korea, which is a recruiter themselves but one I am not using.

They listed their answer as such:
Using Multiple Recruiters - When applicants start using many recruiters (5+) to secure a job it has a negative affect on the overall success of their placement. Recruiters and schools quickly hear about such applicants and they often label them as difficult to work with. Recruiters feel that it's not worth their effort to source a school only to have these applicants say that they have gone with another recruiter, and schools feel that these people are very unstable to have as an employee. Doing your research and then deciding on 2 or even 3 recruiters that you trust is the best approach to getting a job you want. We are not exaggerating!
This sounds like a big red flag. Logically I would assume that a school receiving an application twice from two different recruiters would think that this person is merely just using multiple resources. But then since I know that logic tends to flow backwards here I was starting to believe that what these guys are saying might be true.

I took the next step and contacted a reliable recruiter that I have been using on my job hunt. They are honest with me and I know would provide me with a real-time answer.

Within minutes after emailing I received this response:
There is nothing in Gyeonggi
We have literally nothing until February in GEPIK
Contact as many recruiters as possible
Simple and to the point. It also reflects the growing new trend these days, which is that of competition. The demand for jobs is higher than the supply. So why not put your name out there with other recruiters?

Just another part of the whole process. As you can see this job hunting thing has pretty much taken over my life.


  1. Joy,
    Since you're looking at public schools, it behooves you to use one per government agency, and to ensure they don't overlap (if they do, tell them your application for GEPIK / EPIK / SMOE / whatever is being processed through XYZ recruiting.

    For what it's worth, some public schools use private recruiting firms, although you'd have to already be in contact with a recruiter to hear about their 'urgent fill' type positions.

    Best of luck :)

    CAPTCHA: skskeen

  2. Thanks for the information on how to find a job in South Korea! Starting to look for my own job in March! Keep up the great blogging!:-)


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