Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Your Own Spy

It's great that in this day and age you can use Google Maps and Panoramio technology to take a closer look at someplace further away.
What am I talking about? Well throughout my job hunt I have been using Panoramio to I guess spy down on where these schools are located. The recruiter might tell me the school is close to the subway station but the map will prove this right.

First you need to find out the address of the school or the Hangeul name of the school. That is the Korean version of the school's name. Then you go into one of these mapping programs and send it in. You come up with a road map version and a satellite version. The road map version (seen above) labels certain places that are of good interest. Such as where the Emart is or subway station. The satellite image can let you know how much greenery is in the area. You can also take a guess at how well the place has been planned out. I like the Panoramio program because people submit pictures of the places nearby giving it a more living feeling.
So far on my mapping experience I have been able to get a much more 3-dimensional feeling for where a school is located. Also by zooming in I can see how large the school is and what is in the general area nearby.

The only thing I wish this thing showed me was where the Office-tel buildings are, because if I could see them then I would know what might be available.


I am going to meet the Yongin school tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck. I hope it is a great school. Have you thought about taking the housing money and finding your own place? Your boyfriend could help you find a good place. Maybe you could get a roommate and find a multi-room place.

    I am still a year away from my B.S. Degree, so I cannot even apply yet. I dream of spending at least 2 years over there.


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