Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things End Things Begin

Yesterday I went on a fun roller coaster ride as I got an offer for a private public school in Nowon but after some thinking decided to stick with Yongin.

I was so stressed out the past few days having made my choice with Yongin and then wondering if I should check out another school. It was tough falling asleep last night as my body was all shook up from the stress.

Not to worry, though, I slept well afterwards and had a fun dream too.

Now I am excited for the next months to come. I will have November off as I will be in between contracts. JH and I are going to go put a deposit on a goshiwon this weekend up in Seoul. Then I guess it is packing time.

I am starting to wonder what I will do with my free November. Leaving my current school I am coming into a lot of money. What with pension, severance, deposit return and a flight ticket sum I am going to be looking at a fatter bank account. If you know me then you would know that I don't usually spend money on myself. I do plan to send a chunk to America to pay off some debt that I would like to get out of the way. As for the rest I will probably save it for my next vacation and maybe buy some shiny new toy. Who knows, right?

Also I am pondering about things I would like to see or do while I am free. Maybe take the KTX to another part of Korea and explore it for a few days. I don't know, but if any of you want to get together lemme know for I will be available to travel.

It's come down to the part where my kids at school know I am leaving. They seem sad and express that they don't want me to leave. But I am sure they understand the cycle. I bought a little notebook for the new teacher and wrote in it my tips and instructions for his new job. I hope it comes useful to him. Otherwise he will have a free notebook.

All right well time to start packing up and getting ready to live in a goshiwon (very small space).


  1. Hope you take one w/your own private bathroom...what w/the H1N1 best to deal w/your own private germs in the shower, wc, etc...
    Well worth the extra cost whatever it could be.
    Please consider this suggestion v. seriously!
    LOVE, your concerned Momz!

  2. Please take a place w/your own bathroom!
    What w/the H1N1, etc... better to deal w/just your own private germs in the shower & wc.
    Well worth the extra cost.
    Please seriously consider this suggestion from your concerned Momz!

  3. Hey congrats on the new job :D Plus a full month of time off-sweet ^0^ Have fun, jei


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