Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Said Yes

It was a fun trip into Yongin today seeing the school. I was skeptical whether I would say yes or not until I saw the housing. I am just going to briefly sum up for you what I learned about the school and housing:

  • There is no English classroom, instead you go the homeroom class and teach there. They expect to build an English class room next year.
  • I teach 2nd, 5th and 6th grades only.
  • Teaching hours = 25 (3 extra hours of overtime)
  • Schedule is heavier than I have been use to, but I can take on the challenge.
  • No after-school programmed classes to plan for.
  • New coteacher is a very experienced and focused person. She told me exactly what she will expect of me. Planning for classes will be done together and I should teach 80%. I agree with her and I believe I am capable of teaching more on my own.
  • Location is about 20 minute walk from the housing.
  • I share a teacher's room with another Foreign teacher and coteacher.
  • Doesn't start till December.
  • Inside a modern building with a security Ahjusshi (man) at the entrance.
  • I didn't see my exact room, but an example of what I will be getting.
  • The officetel is separated into two rooms. One big living room type space with the kitchen in it, then the bathroom in the middle, then an extra small room near the entrance.
  • The building is shaped like a triangle. One side looks out onto a busy street. The long side looks out onto a small river/creek, and the short side looks out onto a gas station. Guess which one I want?
  • House includes a washing machine.
  • Across the street is a huge Lotte Mart.
  • Area is suburban with mostly housing surrounding it. Not much "Downtown" stuff until you walk a ways to where the subway station is.
  • Seeing the house sold me the position and it was a done deal.
I haven't signed anything yet and am still in the process of figuring out the visa stuff. It's complicated since I extended my visa into November and the job doesn't start till December 5th.

For now it is time to start packing because no matter what I will be moving out of here on October 31st. Possibly moving into a goshiwon in Seoul, while my stuff is stored at JH's house.

I am nervous, excited and feeling anxious all at the same time. I just have to believe in myself and my choices and live them out.


  1. Sounds like a good situation. Fingers crossed.

  2. Congrats on the new job, Joy! Hope you have a wonderful house and that your job suits you.

    Although... when you titled this post "said yes," I was perhaps thinking you might be answering another, very important question!! ^^

  3. @danielle: I was wondering about that as well...

    Joy, if your current school will postdate your release letter, that might be one answer. Otherwise your new school would need to apply for your visa much earlier than when you would start. You might have to make a visa run - or, trek down to Immigration and see what they can work out. Best of luck - I'm rooting for ya!

  4. Congrats! I also thought this was an answer to a different question. ;)

    Like Chris said, you may be able to stay at your school for an extra month so that you aren't stuck having to move things multiple times. I know it's not the ideal but it could truly help.

  5. Congrats Joy! Glad to know you have your job situation squared away for another year and better housing than currently=^^=

  6. Haha~ Thanks guys. I am glad this is over. Well actually now it starts the next process. But I get a month break before teaching again.. woot!

  7. Yay!!!!! You really seem to have everything clear and I am really liking your attitude towards everything. I was like I feel really proud as I was reading it.

    You figured it out, and you will figure out the other details until you start. Congrats and I hope it all works out well with the school, housing, and fellow teachers.

    I have started the application process again so hopefully I will be in Korea at the end of February.

  8. I know exactly where this place is. So many foreigners live in this building. All the Suji Avalon workers live there. Some of those guys are wack so steer clear..

  9. Hmm good to know...we are talking about the same building right? Probably. haha I think it is the only nice building around.

    hrmm ><


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